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New World: Highly anticipated by players, a new region is coming to Amazon's MMO!

New World: Highly anticipated by players, a new region is coming to Amazon's MMO!

New World's Anniversary Update finally comes to light! After an interview with the developers, here is all the information you need to know to know what to expect for this fall.

The announcements finally fall, the biggest update of New World will arrive in a few days on the PTR for a live release scheduled for October. To celebrate one year of New World, the developers have decided to honor the players by offering content based on their comments.

In this patch, new players will be able to enjoy a new experience, but not only; indeed veterans will also be able to take advantage of a long-awaited weapon, the Greatsword, as well as a new Brimstone Sand (Sulfide) region that could already be observed from the border of the Great Rift.

So ? What will happen in October? Without further ado, here is in detail all the elements that the developers were kind enough to reveal to us!

New World
New World

What's in store for new players?

In order to welcome new players in the best possible way, the first levels have been redone so that players who are new to the game or wish to relaunch the beginnings of the adventure can enjoy new quests and stories.

Indeed, the flow of quests through the zones has been optimized, with moving NPCs and a central thread of the story. The developers seem to place great importance on the quality of life of the players, at least for the quests, because after the doubling of the NPCs, the latter are now able to move in order to give an even more "alive" side.

With the arrival of Sulphide, new world events will arrive including a number of new quest dynamics, ranging from wave events, to pursuit and traversal challenges, to puzzles in the ruins, and a wide variety of activities. This novelty can really be seen through Sulfide, as puzzles will be put in place offering players a new experience of the open world with rewards at stake. During our interview with the developers, they told us about glyphs to collect in the world to then take advantage of the opening of chests.

The central scenario has been revised, so that players can better understand the history of New World. Additionally, King Arthur's Legacy has been added to Falaise du Roy and Medea's Witch Famine to Gré-du-Vent. The beginning of the adventure will always be done by meeting the hermit Yonas, but the latter has been consolidated in Haute-Chute for a better flow of the story and the quests.

The Greatsword, what does it give?

The Greatsword is a powerful two-handed weapon that uses stances to adapt to changing battlefield conditions. The Greatsword also scales with Strength and Dexterity, allowing it to pair with a host of other martial weapons, including the Hatchet. It is a versatile weapon with strong abilities, but the wielder must be mindful of the risks and rewards of each stance to be successful.

  • The first stance is very offensive, offering the player an off-tank role: The Onslaught tree embodies the relentless offensive and aims to eliminate the enemy before they can eliminate you.
  • The second posture is very defensive, giving the player a much more tanky dimension: The Defiance tree allows an aggressive defense that can survive against several opponents while returning damage in kind.

    With the arrival of this weapon, the old ones will not receive a major change. There may still be improvements to be made, but nothing spectacular. The developers are happy with the current weapon skills, so there are no plans to modify the weapons at this time.

Sulfide, a long-awaited region

Brimstone Sands is unlike anything else in Aeternum - an area three times the size of the others that introduces new enemies to fight and new territory to control, and drives the story forward. This area draws its inspiration from the myths and legends of the world, including emblematic historical Egyptian and Roman figures.

Sulfide is something of a homeland of the Ancients, as it was here that the ancient Egyptians first encountered the Ancients and built monuments and vast cities that were part of a flourishing civilization for thousands of years. in the past. Their civilization has long since fallen into ruin, and few of its original inhabitants remain, except for the mysterious wizard Imhotep, with whom players must work to solve the mysteries of the desert.

New World

The most immediate threat to Brimstone Sands is posed by the deranged remnants of the Roman Empire's 19th Legion, who came from Alexandria with Mark Antony and the dying Queen Cleopatra. What happened to the Romans must be uncovered, but they have fallen into corruption and are now besieging the ancient ruins of a mysterious pyramid known as Ahket. They are certain that inside they will find the secret to their redemption and the long-awaited resurgence of the Roman Empire.

More end-game content

In order to keep veterans of Aeternum happy, the developers have put together a small load of end-game content with the arrival of Sulfide.

Who says new region, obviously says a new dungeon as well as elite zones which will be two in number. For those wondering, no, dungeons will not be able to accommodate more players at this time. The developers are working on this aspect of Raid on the game, but do not currently have anything to offer us.

The developers have made some changes to the loot, including better synergy between weapons and stats. As a result, you will eventually have 95% of having a weapon with consistent attributes. The developers will say much more in the coming weeks.

Then finally, as we told you just before, new intrigues will be incorporated into the open world offering players to search for glyphs and then have access to loot chests. Unfortunately, the maximum player level remains unchanged. In the future, the level cap will be increased, but it will take patience to attempt to grind again.

And for PvP? What is happening ?

For this anniversary update, PvP is not in the spotlight. The developers are working on new maps for OPRs, but nothing will be released until this game mode is perfect in their eyes; improvements are planned for the next few months. Same with open world PvP, they are trying to find content that appeals to players, but nothing can be announced at this time.

New World

Regarding the world map, no reset of factions is planned for the moment. Developers can't seem to find a way to fight companies that resist all invaders.

Also, the subject of cross-server PvP has been brought up and to our surprise, the developers are interested in this idea. However, once again, nothing has been announced for the moment, because this aspect requires a lot of time to be developed. Then finally, guild life will be improved, but we will have to wait until next year to finally see major changes.

Further details will be released over the weeks and you will be free to see the sulphurous beauty of Brimstone Sand for yourself on the PTR from September. New World is getting a new look and seems to be moving towards the light! If you want more information, we invite you to watch the Dev Update for this month of August.

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