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New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

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New World Leveling Guide: How to farm XP and reach max level faster

Leveling is a a big part of any MMO, and New World doesn't make it easy with long quest chains and plentiful settlement tasks. We've put together this guide to help you reach max level quickly.

There are several ways you can optimize your levelling process in Amazon's New World.

Whether that's completing all quests in a particular territory or farming elite mobs, we've put together a guide that helps you focus your playtime in order to gain maximum XP.

Pick up as many quests as you can in a Territory

Quests are one of the most significant ways of earning experience in New World, and as such it's important to collect and complete as many as you can.

Not all of these will be given automatically, so make sure you seek them out. When you are in Everfall (for example), take the time tour the Hamlet and collect all the quests available:

  • Town Projects
  • Faction Missions (PvPvE and PvP)
  • Main Story Quests
  • Side Stories

These quests will send you all over the territory in question, giving plenty of opportunities to gather XP from other means at the same time -- whether killing mobs, gathering resources, or finding new quests outside of the main hub.

Additionally, once unlocked, Expeditions have repeatable quests that grant XP. For example, after you have completed the Bones for Barkimedes quest in the Amrine Excavation once and received the Barkimedes' Puppy reward, you can repeat the quest each time you enter the Expedition for 6,760 XP.

New World

Farming Elite Mobs

While farming monsters isn't the most generous method of earning XP, it all adds up in the end. Elite areas in particular award more experience, given the monsters will be stronger than those in the surrounding area.

This is also a good way to spend time for other reasons, as you'll also farm weapon mastery in the process. The gold and item drops is a bonus, too.

When at lower levels, we'd recommend the elite area in Monarch's Bluffs. While being able to take on your first elites, you'll also find plenty of Supply Crates.

Each territory has its own elite region, so make sure you seek them out -- just be mindful not to bite off more than you can chew!

Do quests completed while flagged for PvP give more XP?

During the beta, players would gain 10% more XP when completing quests if they were flagged for PvP in a territory.

While this was changed in a patch, it appears the figure was simply reduced and now stands at 5%.

Make sure to level up your Crafting skills

Gathering resources while on your New World adventure will provide crucial components for leveling up your Crafting skills.

Make sure you progress your Crafting, as it also awards valuable XP.

Territory Standing is key

Completing quests in a Territory rewards Standing -- a form of reputation -- with Town Projects offering even more.

Once you level up your Territory Standing, you'll be offered a choice of bonuses. Sometimes this will be an XP multiplier, which you shouldn't hesitate to select if you're looking to reach max level quicker.

New World

Capturing Forts will make you stronger

New World has a strong PvP slant, with Factions being able to do battle over Territories.

Capturing enough Forts results in that Faction 'controlling' the Territory, with a 5% experience bonus going to all members of that Faction while in that Territory.

You won't suffer a penalty to XP if your Faction doesn't control the Territory however, so there's no need to avoid an area when power-levelling!

New World

Make the most of the Well Rested XP bonus

Similar to MMOs like Final Fantasy XIV and World of Warcraft, players will receive a bonus to XP upon loggiing in, provided they have signed out while in a Settlement.

This applies to all kinds of character XP, whether killing mobs, Crafting, or completing quests, so make sure you always log off in a Settlement!

Take advantage of daily Faction bonuses

Factions are a great way to level up, especially when you can gain huge experience bonuses (x3 multiplier) on your first three Faction Missions each day.

We'd recommend prioritizing Expedition Quests, which can grant thousands of XP. You may have to be patient in finding these quests, but the results are well worth it.

New World: Optimise your build with help from the community

For those who enjoy theorycrafting builds, or want to share their builds with the New World community, or get ideas from others' setups, a couple of new sites allow you to do just that.

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