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New World: Gold Farming Guide

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New World: Gold Farming Guide

The main currency in Aeternum, Gold is crucial to a range of activities in New World. From purchasing new gear to upgrading your capabilities, our guide to gold farming is for you.

New World: Gold Farming Guide

As with most MMO titles, currency is a key feature in New World and helps drive its economy. 

You'll need Gold for many things, such as the usual purchase of items and equipment, and for upgrading. However, players can also purchase property in Aeternum, and there will be various taxes to pay using the currency.

This guide helps optimise gold farming, and therefore fund your spending.

Missions & Quests

New World

The obvious way to make money in New World is to complete missions and quests, all of which will reward you with gold. These include: 

  • Main story quests
  • Side quests
  • Faction missions

While they may take time, questing awards a healthy amount of gold, as well as being a good source of items and gear for your adventure.

Defeating Mobs

New World

Farming enemies is a good way to increase both your wallet and your character's level, especially in the early part of your adventure when a lot of content is locked behind level gating. 

Once you're a little more capable, the elite areas are naturally the best to farm gold. However, you'll need to group up in order to ensure your survivability. 


New World

Taking advantage of the Trading Post is a great way to make money in New World. For all that equipment you find and don't use, there's other players willing to take shortcuts and buy it off you. 

This doesn't just apply to gear or items you find, either - the things you craft, such as potions and bags, will also go for a pretty penny on the open market. Raw materialsl are also another very lucrative way to accumulate the wealth.

You can also speculate to accumulate too, buying underpriced items from the Trading Post and waiting for the market price to increase, before selling for a profit.

Sell, Sell, Sell

New World

Those who don't have such an entrepreneurial brain can still make money from items they collect. 

While you won't make as much as you might in the Trading Post, selling items to vendors will bring in valuable coin.

Given these are items you get from mob drops and the like, it's free money! 

PvP Events

New World

Your participation in PvP events, such as Territory Wars, will be rewarded with gold.

During the beta, participating in a War could net players a minimum of 500 Gold. While a drawn-out way to accumulate coin, it costs nothing but time.

Gather Resources

New World

While buying resources at the Trading Post is a quicker way to get what you need for crafting and upgrades, gathering your own is always a more lucrative optipn.

While you'll get what you need for free, any excess materials can also be sold -- likely for a pretty penny. 

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