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New World: How to quickly build Territory Standing

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New World: How to quickly build Territory Standing

Your Territory Standing is important in New World, especially if you want to buy a house. It also grants permanent bonuses to your adventuring in Aeternum. Here's how to raise your Standing.

New World: How to quickly build Territory Standing

Raising your Standing with a particular Territory is important for several reasons in New World

In addition to being a requirement for purchasing a house in a Territory, raising your Standing will grant points that can be allocated to several different bonuses. These include:

  • lowering trade taxes in that Territory;
  • increasing the speed at which you gather;
  • adding bonuses to Standing gains;
  • bonus to character XP gained;
  • earning more faction tokens;
  • increasing the amount of storage you have in a Settlement.

As such, it's a good idea to work on your Standing with your Territory of choice as soon as possible; namely the one you plan to buy property in.

However, it can be quite a slow process to raise Standing, so we've put together a few pointers to help.

Farming Monsters

A simple way to increase your Standing is to kill the enemies that inhabit your Territory of choice. 

While this is the slowest way to increase Standing, given the low amount of points given, it's also something you'll do plenty of while questing in the Territory anyway. As such, being a quest completionist in a Territory will grant loads of passive Standing. 

Prioritizing the elite areas is a good idea, as you'll also improve your weapon and character levels iin the process. While more difficult to kill, teaming up with friends to take them down quickly can prove to be highly efficient for growth overall. 

Contribute to the Settlement

As well as being a great way to gain experience, Town Projects grant more Standing than almost any other source. 

Ranging from 275 to 500 points per Town Project, you'll rapidly hit the target for levelling up your Standing and being able to finally claim that house you've had your eyes on.

Image: New World - New World
Image: New World

Close Corrupted Breaches

An important part of the overall New World experience, Corrupted Breaches offer both a challenge and tons of rewards. 

You'll get plenty of gold, experience, Azoth and loot for your efforts, and more importantly, in-or-around 250 Standing points.

Make sure to team up with others to make the challenge easier, whether friends or the random players floating about the area with the same intentions.

Spend your Standing Points

Any bonuses gained from spending your Standing Points are permanent, while in that Territory. While you can improve gathering speed and experience gains, a good idea is to put points into the bonus that allows you to gain even more Standing.

This way you become a bit of a power-farmer when killing enemies, doing quests and closing Corrupted Breaches. 

New World

Bonus: Crafting

During the beta, crafting Armorer, Weaponsmith and Engineering items also helped increase Territory Standing, so this might be a good way to kill two birds with one stone and level up your professions at the same time. 

Lower level gear proved to be the most efficient, but that could change when the game goes live. Also, Cooking doesn't grant too much Standing, but spamming recipes could also prove profitable in the Trading Post...

Harvesting and Refining don't grant Standing. 

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