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New World Expedition Guide: How to craft Genesis Tuning Orbs

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New World Expedition Guide: How to craft Genesis Tuning Orbs

In order to access the Garden of Genesis, one of New World's five-player PvE Expedition dungeons, you'll first need to get hold of the Genesis Tuning Orb. This guide shows you how.

New World Expedition Guide: How to craft Genesis Tuning Orbs

Located in the Windsward territory, the Amrine Excavation Site is a five-player Expedition (dungeon) in New World with a recommended player level of 25.

However, before you get stuck into the dungeon and all the mysteries it holds, you'll need to find a particular item that grants you access -- the Amrine Tuning Orb.

Be mindful that unlike other MMOs, the Amrine Orb is not a permanent key item. Your party only needs one to access the Expedition, and whomever begins the event will see their Orb consumed.

Do quests for Derick Wardell and Percy Ellwood

There's a long, branching line of quests, started by Derick Wardell at the Valor Hold Outpost in Edengrove, that will eventually lead to a free, one-time Genesis Tuning Orb.

Pick up Fading Lights from Wardell, providing you're Level 55, and progress until you've completed Azure Tears. 

At this point, you'll need to start a second questline given by Percy Ellwood at the same outpost, beginning with Gates of Edengrove. Progress through this until you've completed A Pox on Thee, and the two questlines will converge.

Ellwood then gives you Strength of the Earth, which leads to Northeast of Eden, then Diseased Migration, then finally Anguine Anguish (Expedition).

Derick Wardell & Percy Ellwood Locations in Edengrove. Image: MapGenie - New World
Derick Wardell & Percy Ellwood Locations in Edengrove. Image: MapGenie

Complete quests for Leyson Reese, Yseult Meredith, Nora Linch & Girish Herath

Another long questline begins with Leyson Reese, found at the Mountainhome outpost in the Shattered Mountains. Reach Level 58 and then pick up Pushing Back. 

This unlocks The Illurmin Rift, given by Yseult Meredith at Mountainhome, and turned into Nora Linch at Mountainrise to the east. She gives you Malevolent Offerings.

Then, a new quest opens. Speak to Girish Herath at Mountainrise, who'll give you Knowledge is Power. Following this Herath will give you Blight Resistance, opening up Ultimate Blight Defense (Expedition) and scoring you that one-off Genesis Tuning Orb.

Mountainhome (west) & Mountainrise (east) locations within Shattered Mountains. Image: MapGenie - New World
Mountainhome (west) & Mountainrise (east) locations within Shattered Mountains. Image: MapGenie

Get Additional Orbs Through Crafting

Stonemasons can also craft the Genesis Tuning Orb. They'll need to have a Tier 5 Stonecutting Table, and be at least level 100 in the profession.

You'll need the following materials:

  • Corrupted Lodestone x10
  • Asmodeum Chisel x1
  • Runestone x5
  • Genesis Core x1
Corrupted Lodestone

These are found in Major Breach Caches, and as such require a bit of effort to obtain.

They can also be crafted by Stonecutters of Lv.100 or above, with a Tier 5 Stonecutting Table. You'll need x2 Corrupted Crystals. 

Asmodeum Chisel

You can get the Asmodeum Chisel for 7,000 Faction Tokens and 750 Gold from your faction's rep.


Craft these at the Stonecutting Table. You'll need to be a max level Stonecutter with access to a Tier 5 Table. 

You'll need x5 Obsidian Voidstones, x1 Obsidian Sandpaper, and x1 Putrid Lodestone.

Be mindful that you can only craft 10 of these every 24 hours.

Genesis Core

These can be crafted by Stonecutters of Level 150 with a Tier 5 Table.

You'll need x3 Elemental Heart, x3 Eternal Heart, x3 Corrupted Rune, and x3 Molten Rune.

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