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New World Factions Guide: How do they work?

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New World Factions Guide: How do they work?

There are three different factions in New World, each in conflict with the other. Choosing one impacts which Company you can join, as well as a host of other benefits.

New World Factions Guide: How do they work?

In New World, you'll have the choice between three Factions: the Marauders, Covenant, or Syndicate. While the choice is entirely yours when it comes to which Faction to become part of, you'll be limited to which Companies you can join afterwards. 

Each Company is tied to a particular Faction, so if you already have an idea of a particular group of players you want to team up with, it's best to choose the Faction that Company is affiliated with.

Be mindful that you can change your Faction once every 120 days, so you will be locked in for a significant amount of time should you make a decision you're not happy with.

The advantages of choosing a Faction


Factions allow you to join or create a Company. Similar to guilds in other games, a Company is useful for mutual aid between members (especially for crafting), as well as being able to take on quests and Corrupted Breaches that require teams of people.

A Company owning a Territory will be able to adjust the Territory Upkeep, the tax that covers crafting, trading and property in a Settlement.


The Factions also offer missions to players, both PvE and PvP. These allow you to obtain XP, gold and Faction-specific currency, which you can then use to purchase useful items and equipment.

You can also pick up runes using these currencies, which are key in crafting bags for more space! 


To maintain control of a Territory you must complete PvP Faction missions and increase your Influence over that territory. These missions also allow other Factions to undermine your Faction's Influence, creating a never-ending battle for control.

Faction Store

With the Faction currency you earn, you can purchase special items and equipment.

Be mindful that to unlock certain items you'll need to raise the level of the store. 

Factions and PvP 


Being part of a Faction means you can go to War with other Factions. These 50 v 50 battles incorporate siege mechanics. Certain Companies will be chosen as Vanguard to lead.

The combat tokens that you will have collected in this war, will allow you to buy something to repair the door of your fort, ammunition, combat elixirs and much more!

There are two sides to the War:


The goal is to capture the heart of the Fort, therefore winning the battle. This fight is done over the long term, where Rally Points allow you to enter the Fort and devastate it from within.

You will be able to place siege turrets on the battlefield, as well as source the materials to create them.


Defenders must repel the attackers for 30 minutes. This involves protecting those Rally Points - losing one means you'll no longer be able to respawn there. If you lose one of its points, you will no longer be able to respawn on it.

The combat tokens that you will earn will help you repair your turrets and doors to better defend your company. Note that the doors can be rebuilt like the turrets.

Occupying Forts 

A Faction that owns a Territory will enjoy a bonus of 10% influence and additional Faction currency, if it owns the fort in that region. 

Naturally, you'll need to defend this Fort from invaders too, so remember to flag yourself 'on' for PvP if you want to help.

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