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New World: How to get Azoth & how to use it

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New World: How to get Azoth & how to use it

Azoth is one of the most important resources in New World. A rare mineral you won't just find lying around anywhere, this guide tells you where to find it and what it's used for.

New World: How to get Azoth & how to use it

In New World, Azoth is a resource that is not necessarily easy to access. It allows you to improve equipment you craft, to use the Fast Travel feature, or to respec your Mastery Trees. 

Here we provide an overview of what it is and how you can get it.

Where to find Azoth

Azoth locations in the Alpha build - New World
Azoth locations in the Alpha build

There are a few ways to find Azoth. You can get them from quests, from enemies, looting chests, harvesting, closing Breaches, and participating in Invasions. 

From Corrupted Breaches

This is probably the best way to get Azoth. These Corrupted Breaches will be marked on your map, and are areas flooded with corrupted enemies. There are different types of Corrupted Breaches, with varying difficulties:

  • Corrupted Monolith
  • Corrupted Portal
  • Infested Grove
  • Festering Hive

While these different Breaches can be completed solo, it's nevertheless recommended that you form groups of at least two, and be above level 25. Be mindful, as some zones require level 35 and others require a group of at least 5.

Make sure you have crafted anti-Corruption potions and the Azoth staff before you attempt to close Breaches! 

From certain enemies

You'll also earn tiny amounts of Azoth simply from killing enemies. While not a lot (usually 10 Azoth), it can add up if you're lower level and unable to farm the larger sources.

In addition, some enemies will drop vials granting 50 Azoth.

From harvesting resources

If you have a harvesting tool with the right perk, harvesting resources such as Wood will have a chance to grant you 1 Azoth.

You'll want to make sure when crafting tools that it has the Azoth Extraction perk.

How to harvest Azoth from Breaches

New World

In order to get your hands on Azoth from Breaches, first you'll need to be level 25 to unlock the quest that allows you to craft the Azoth Staff.

Once you have this, you'll be able to interact with Corruption Points. These are marked as red diamonds on your minimap. Doing so will grant you Azoth. 

What Azoth is used for

New World

The first use of Azoth is as a reagent in crafting. When at your Crafting Station, you can choose to add more resources, more Azoth, or even special resources.

Using Azoth allows you increase the power of any bonuses that are added to crafted items. 

The second use of Azoth is as a currency for using the Fast Travel system. The further you want to travel, the more Azoth it will cost. 

Finally, Azoth is used to reset your skill trees

Be mindful that the maximum Azoth you can carry at one time is 1,000, so you'll need to constantly farm it according to your spending. 


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