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New World: Optimise weapon & armor crafting

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New World: Optimise weapon & armor crafting

Getting decent stats on your crafted weapons and armor can be a bit of a lottery in New World. This guide aims to help you optimize your chances in manufacturing.

New World: Optimise weapon & armor crafting

Although faction equipment can be a good alternative, sometimes there's nothing better in New World than crafting your own armor and weapons for the ideal stats for your build.

In this guide, we show you how to optimize your creations so you don't waste precious resources and materials.

It's by forging that one becomes a blacksmith

One mantra is important when it comes to making gear -- the more levels you have in the relevant weapon/armor crafting skills, the more you'll produce good quality parts.

Players should always take the time to level up their crafting professions before attempting  what we call 'the search for the perfect piece'.

New World

With a good number of levels in Armoring and Weaponsmithing, you can craft items of a higher quality -- which will increase your gear score and even offer bonuses such as Gem Sockets or Perks.

Simply crafting many items isn't necessarily what will define quality -- instead that depends on your crafting level.

Crafting the armor of your choosing

The first way to optimize your gear crafting is by using a material called Azoth. This mysterious element that permeats the world of Aeternum can help improve the items you make. 

The more Azoth you use when crafting, the more chance you will have of rolling an item with a Perk, a Gem Slot, or both. There are no guarantees, but every little bonus helps. 



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Whether found in caches or on mobs, there are also other special resources you can gather which will allow you to specify what Perks are added to crafted items.

This is an excellent way to design armor or weapons to your choosing, and lean more into playstyles that you prefer rather than using what you find.

Gem Slots

Managing Gem Slots on your items is a staple of most MMO-type games, and in New World it is no different. 

Equipping specific gems grant bonuses to your statistics, such as increased attack or defense. Use them wisely in creating your ideal armor or weapon! 

New World
New World

Craft with a full stomach!

Another staple of MMOs, food is a great way to regenerate life, mana, and other resources.

In New World, food can also grant bonuses when crafting.

New World

By consuming the relevant kind of food - being careful to eat the right meal with the right stats for your profession - you'll earn bonuses when creating equipment.

These are the foods to prioritize:

Herb-Crusted Broccoli

Moderately increases the base gear score of items crafted by Weaponsmiths.

Useful in crafting weapons.

Melon Infusion

Moderately increases the base gear score of items crafted by Jewelers.

Useful in making trinkets and gems.

Herb-Roasted Squash

Moderately increases the base gear score of items crafted by Engineers.

Useful in crafting weapons and ammunition.

Wild Berry Compote

Moderately increases the base gear score of items crafted by Arcanists.

Useful in making magical weapons.

Honey Brew

Moderately increases the base gear score of items crafted by Armorers.

Useful in crafting armor.

Don't be stingy with materials

Don't hesitate to use resources of better quality when crafting, as they will affect the base gear score of the item you are making.

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