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New World Guide: Is Faction Gear worth it?

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New World Guide: Is Faction Gear worth it?

The Faction representative has complete armor sets you can purchase, in exchange for special tokens you'll receive for completing faction quests. We have a look into whether this gear is worth the investment.

New World Guide: Is Faction Gear worth it?

When you reach level 10 in New World you'll have the option of choosing one of the three factions: Marauders, Syndicate, or Covenant.

Joining a faction allows you to accept missions, engage in PvP War with other factions, vie for control of the many Territories, and earn passive income from your activities. 

You'll also be able to purchase faction-specific gear and items, which is what we are particularly concerned with here. 

How to Access the Faction Armory

New World

In order to unlock the various ranks in the Faction Armory, you'll have to complete Faction Missions, which grant reputation points.

The different ranks for each faction are as follows:

  • Syndicate: Adept, Curator, Chronicler, Exemplar, Alchemist
  • Marauders: Soldier, Gladiator, Ravager, Destroyer, Commander
  • Covenant: Palatine, Adjunct, Defender, Templar, Adjudicator

The reputation caps for the ranks will be the same across each Faction:

  • Rank 2 (e.g. Curator): 3,000 reputation
  • Rank 3 (e.g. Chronicler): 11,000 reputation
  • Rank 4 (e.g. Exemplar): 26,000 reputation
  • Rank 5 (e.g. Alchemist): 49,000 reputation

As soon as you've reached a cap, make sure to speak to your Faction rep in town. You'll be given a special quest, which when completed ranks you up with the Faction.

This will allow you to access the next tier of Armory purchases.

How to get Faction Tokens in New World

New World

There are several options for accumulating Faction Tokens:

  • Faction Missions, either PvP or PvE
  • Closing Corrupted Breaches
  • Taking part in a War
  • Defeating enemies in PvP
New World: Faction gear examples - New World
New World: Faction gear examples

Is Faction Gear Viable?

Naturally, faction gear is better than the armor you'll get randomly from chests or dropped by mobs. They'll come with stat bonuses and a gem slot - something that's quite rare to get from regular drops. 

While faction gear is a great time saver, you'll need a lot of gold to complete a full set. Take a look at our gold farming guide for help on that front!

Ultimately, faction gear will be good to a certain point, but as soon as you have ranks in other crafting professions, it'll quickly be replaced. However, if you focus on grinding out the faction ranks as soon as you can, then you'll get more mileage out of the gear. 

Saves on gem slot resources
Saves on Azoth costs
Saves on other rare resources
Good value for money
Ideal during the levelling process
Good perk combinations
Drops off significantly in endgame
Lack of choice in perks
Requires significant farming
Fairly generic styles
Not all gear is Tier 4
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