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New World: How to get more Raw Gemstones

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New World: How to get more Raw Gemstones

Whether for Jewelcrafting or simply to socket your gear, Raw Gemstones are essential resources. However, they can be hard to get hold of, so we've put together a guide to help you get hold of gems quicker.

If you want to max out your Jewelcrafting skill in New World, you're going to need an awful lot of Raw Gemstones. They're also crucial in socketing your gear for the maximum possible bonuses. 

This guide helps you get hold of Raw Gemstones easier.

Prioritize mining more advanced nodes

As Raw Gemstones are a valuable resource, they fall into the same category as the rarer metals in the game. As a result, you're much more likely to find them in higher concentrations when mining metals such as Silver, Gold and Platinum.

You can find Raw Gemstones on other mining nodes, but your chances of harvesting them from these nodes are much lower. Prioritising these three precious metals will also mean you build up a good stock, which is also important for increasing that Jewelcrafting skill level. 

Be mindful, however, that Raw Gemstones of different tiers come from certain nodes:

  • Tier 1 Raw Gemstones: Iron Vein, Silver Vein
  • Tier 2 Raw Gemstones: Silver Vein, Gold Vein, Starmetal Vein
  • Tier 3 Raw Gemstones: Gold Vein, Platinum Vein, Starmetal Vein, Orichalcum Vein
  • Tier 4 Raw Gemstones: Platinum Vein, Orichalcum Vein

Try your luck at Fishing

Both in saltwater and freshwater, you have a small chance to hook a Treasure Chest when fishing, which can contain valuable Gemstones.

Certain bait can increase the chances of rarer catches, and we recommend equipping these, as well as any perks and gear that increase Fishing skill.

  • Cheese Bait: Increases your chance of catching rarer fish in Saltwater by 47%.
  • Nightcrawler Bait: Increases your chance of catching rarer fish in Saltwater by 70%.
  • Glowworm Bait: Increases your chance to catch rarer fish in Saltwater by 85%.
  • Bread Bait: Increases your chance of catching rarer freshwater fish by 47%.
  • Woodlouse Bait: Increases your chance of catching rarer fish in freshwater by 70%.
  • Firefly Bait: Increases your chance to catch rarer fish in freshwater by 85%.

Fishing Hotspots are a good way to increase rare drops, but be mindful that you must have the right attunement with them in order to take advantage of these drops. Simply level up your Fishing skill to unlock them.

Improve your Mining luck

There are two ways you can boost your chances of rare drops when Mining.

For a start, equipping a higher tier Pickaxe will help, but you'll need to grind out skill levels in order to do so. You can also add perks to your tool and trophies to your house to increase your chances even further. 

Click the link below to find out which you should opt for.

Pickaxe: New World Gathering Tool Guide

The Pickaxe in New World is an essential tool for those who have chosen Mining as one of their gathering professions, as well as Stonemasons and Blacksmiths.

When it comes to Cooking, consuming Roasted Potatoes or Herb-Roasted Potatoes (both requiring Kitchen Tier 2) will grant a large boost to Luck -- and therefore your chances of getting Gems -- wihen Mining.

You can also pick up the Gather Speed bonus from Territory Standing. Faster gathering means more gathering, which inherently increases the chance of gaining rare drops.

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