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Pickaxe: New World Gathering Tool Guide

New World: Trade Skills & Tools Guides
Pickaxe: New World Gathering Tool Guide

The Pickaxe in New World is an essential tool for those who have chosen Mining as one of their gathering professions, as well as Stonemasons and Blacksmiths.

Pickaxe: New World Gathering Tool Guide

The Pickaxe is one of the most essential tools in New World, as it's needed to gather the resources needed for several different professions. It's even crucial in the advancement of Settlements.

Here's how to get hold of the Pickaxe, along with what resources can be gathered and the professions that use it as a base tool.

Pickaxe: Types & Level

Just like with weapons, tools also have different tiers. The higher your level, the better the tools you can equip. 

There are five different tiers for the Pickaxe, each with increasing bonuses:

Tier I - Flint Mining Pick: 

Gathering speed: 100%.
Requires Level 1 to equip.

Tier II - Iron Mining Pickaxe:

Gathering speed: 125% and above.
Requires Level 1 to equip.

Tier III - Steel Mining Pickaxe:

Gathering speed: 250% and above.
Requires Level 17 to equip.

Tier IV - Starmetal Mining Pickaxe:

Gathering speed: 400% and above.
Requires Level 37 to equip.

Tier V - Orichalcum Mining Pickaxe:

Gathering speed: 635% and above.
Requires Level 60 to equip.

Note: Depending on Equipment Score, crafted tools may require a much higher character level than those listed above. These are the base levels only.

New World

How to obtain a Pickaxe

Pickaxes can be obtained from the following:

  • Crafting at a camp
  • Crafting at a crafting station in a settlement
  • As rewards for completing quests
  • Drops from enemies
  • From the Trading Post

Be mindful that only Tier 1 tools can be made within your camp.

The best way to get the better Pickaxes is through the crafting station, which will require Engineering. We don't recommend spending money on them at Trading Posts unless you have money to burn. 

Improving the Pickaxe

Via Crafting

When crafting your pickaxe, it may receive bonuses.

Adding special resources to your crafting process can force specific Perks to be added.

Here are some key examples that work well with the Pickaxe:

Steel Miner's Charm

Adds Prospector's Discipline - grants 3.0% more Mining experience.

Starmetal Miner's Charm

Adds Mining Luck perk - grants 2.0% chance of finding rare items.

Orichalcum Minor Charm

Adds Mining Yield perk - grants 10% more resources.

Via Trophies

Homeowners can add Trophies to their furnishings, which grant additional bonuses. While these require a significant investment for the resources, they can add huge boosts to your mining.

For example, Luck helps you obtain better and more varied resources, as well as special resources used for unlocking perks.

These have great synergy with Mining:

Minor Mining Gathering Trophy

Requires Furnishing Skill Lv. 75

Grants a small bonus to mining in the wild. 

Only works when placed in your home.

Basic Mining Gathering Trophy

Requires Furnishing Skill Lv. 150

Grants a medium bonus to mining in the wild. 

Only works when placed in your home.

Major Mining Gathering Trophy

Requires Furnishing Skill Lv. 200

Grants a large bonus to mining in the wild. 

Only works when placed in your home.

Resources gathered with the Pickaxe

New World

Mined Resources


Lvl. required

Iron Ore


Silver Ore




Gold Ore




Air Mote


Soul Mote


Life Mote


Death Mote


Water Mote


Fire Mote




Platinum Ore


Starmetal Ore


Orichalcum Ore


Rare Resources

Some nodes will also include a small chance to drop a rare resource, which are usually necessary for high-level crafting. 

These include:


Lvl. required

Fae Iron
Found in Iron Veins


Azurite Chunk

Found in Starmetal Veins



Found in Orichalcum Veins


Raw Gemstones

Another resource you'll find when Mining is raw gemstones, which can then be refined into gems for your equipment. 

Naturally, the higher you level, the more rare certain gemstones will be. Quality also factors, with gems going from Flawed to Pristine. 

Other materials gained include crafting mods.

Professions that require the Pickaxe

New World

Whether directly or indirectly, several trades rely on the Pickaxe for resources and base materials:

  • Gathering Skill: Mining
  • Refining Skills: Smelting, Stonecutting
  • Crafting Skills: Weaponsmithing, Armorsmithing, Jewelcrafting, Engineering, Furnishing
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