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New World Gems Guide: What are they, and how do you get them?

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New World Gems Guide: What are they, and how do you get them?

Gems are special stones that enable players to boost their base attributes. This guide explains how to get them and how to use them.

New World Gems Guide: What are they, and how do you get them?

In New World, Gems are items that you can add to any equipment that has a Gem Socket. They increase your attributes accordingly, such as Constitution, Damage, and more.

Each gem needs to be collected, cut (via the stonecutting station) and then equipped in order to gain these attributes.

Gemstones go perfectly with the Jewelcrafting job, which allows you to craft amulets, rings and earrings to also increase your statistics.

This guide helps you get started with Gemstones.

List of Gems

The gem images below are Tier 5, the highest level of transformation.


Attribute (s)


○ Damage converted to Ice
○ Ice Damage Absorption


○ Damage converted to Void
○ Void Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage and healing at full health


○ Increased damage against
targets with less than 30% health
○ Physical and Elemental Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage after
being hit three times
○ Strike Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage to targets with active buff

○ Physical and Elemental Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage against targets
with full health

○ Physical Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage when

stamina is not full
○ Elemental Damage Absorption


○ Increased damage when player

is below 30% health

○ Slash Damage Absorption


○ Damage converted to Fire
○ Fire Damage Absorption


○ Damage converted to Arcane
○ Arcane Damage Absorption


○ Damage converted to Lightning
○ Lightning Damage Absorption


○ Damage converted to Nature

○ Nature Damage Absorption


○ Increased threat

○ Threat Generation Reduction


○ Increased Chance

How to equip a gem

  • Put the equipment you want gemmed in your inventory
  • Choose your gem and drag it onto the desired equipment
  • Equip the gemmed item.

Where to get gems

New World

You can get gems by mining ore deposits, such as iron or silver. There's a very small chance that a gem will drop from iron deposits, so it's preferable to farm higher level deposits.

Different ore deposits drop gems of differing tiers:

Gem tier by mineral deposit

  • Tier 1 → Iron Ore
  • Tier 2 → Silver/Gold Ore
  • Tier 3 → Starmetal Ore
  • Tier 4 → Platinum Ore
  • Tier 5 → Orichalcum Ore

Also note that Luck greatly influences the chances of getting gems from ore deposits. For more gems, craft a pickaxe with a Starmetal Miner's Charm to increase your luck with rare drops.

How to cut gems in New World

New World

The transformation of Raw Gemstones into Cut Gemstones is a practice that requires different professions:

  • Sourcing Gemstones: Mining
  • Refining: Stonecutting
  • Crafting: Jewelcrafting (if you want to craft jewelry to increase your stats)

In addition, each gem tier requires a specific level of stonecutting proficiency:

  • Tier I → Level 0 Stonecutting
  • Tier II → Level 1 Stonecutting
  • Tier III → Level 21 Stonecutting
  • Tier IV → Level 36 Stonecutting
  • Tier V → Level 51 Stonecutting

What are the most notable gems?

If we look at the gems on a case-by-case basis, they are all important, but can be modulated according to your wishes:

  • Carnelian Gems allow you to manage threat, preventing healers gaining threat and giving more to tanks. 
  • Opal or Malachite gems allow you to mitigate physical and elemental damage.
  • Emerald and Jasper gems allow you to increase damage dealt.
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