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New World Expedition Guide: How to get Amrine Tuning Orb

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New World Expedition Guide: How to get Amrine Tuning Orb

In order to access the Amrine Excavation Site, one of New World's five-player PvE Expedition dungeons, you'll first need to get hold of the Amrine Tuning Orb. This guide shows you how.

New World Expedition Guide: How to get Amrine Tuning Orb

Located in the Windsward territory, the Amrine Excavation Site is a five-player Expedition (dungeon) in New World with a recommended player level of 25.

However, before you get stuck into the dungeon and all the mysteries it holds, you'll need to find a particular item that grants you access -- the Amrine Tuning Orb.

Be mindful that unlike other MMOs, the Amrine Orb is not a permanent key item. Your party only needs one to access the Expedition, and whomever begins the event will see their Orb consumed.

Follow the Main Story Quests

Given the Amrine Excavation Site is one of the earliest Expeditions, access is granted through the main story.

Simply follow the questline for your Azoth Staff -- once you have crafted your staff you'll be asked to stop the Corrupted, and then asked to explore the Excavation Site for a particular gem.

Do quests for William Heron

Found in the tavern in Everfall, doing side quests for William Heron will also award an Amrine Orb.

There's a line of quests starting with Ancient Contemplations, eventually offering Foreman's Ledger -- the quest that takes you into the Amrine Excavation Site.

New World
New World

Do quests for Laikina Pajitnova

Like William Heron, an NPC called Laikina Pajitnova will award an Amrine Tuning Orb for following her side quests. 

She's found in Windsward, near Inkwel Cave. Be mindful that you may have to complete all the quests in Windsward and First Light to unlock this quest.

Once complete, she'll offer Seeing Clearly, a quest that takes you into the Amrine Excavation Site -- granting you a Tuning Orb to do so.

Laikina Pajitnova's location within Windsward. Image: MapGenie - New World
Laikina Pajitnova's location within Windsward. Image: MapGenie

Get Additional Orbs Through Crafting

Stonemasons can also craft the Amrine Tuning Orb. They'll need to have a Masonry Tier 3 station, and be at least level 25 in the profession.

You'll need the following materials:

  • Corrupted Silver x10
  • Iron Chisel x1
  • Stone Block x50
  • Eternal Heart x1
Corrupted Silver

These are found in Corrupted Breach caches at Corrupted Monoliths, and as such require a bit of effort to obtain.

Iron Chisel

You can get the Iron Chisel for 500 Faction Tokens and 100 Gold from your faction's rep.

Stone Block

Craft these at the Stonecutting Table. There is no tier requirement.

Eternal Heart

Stonecutters of level 50 or above can craft these at a Tier 3 Stonecutting Table.

You'll need:

○ Death Mote x50
○ Life Mote x50
○ Soul Mote x50

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