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Hogwarts Legacy: A new potion and an unknown creature in this new clip!

Hogwarts Legacy: A new potion and an unknown creature in this new clip!

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy is only a few days away from its release and the communication around the game is intensifying. Here is a new potion never seen before in the Harry Potter saga that should help you defeat the tough enemies of the open world.

The end of the year is approaching and that means that there will only be a month and ten days to wait before the release of Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy (at least on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series). A bearable wait since the Avalanche Software team continues to show new images of the game over the weeks. Following the long gameplay showcase in December, a new potion has just been revealed on social networks.

A potion that first appears in Hogwarts Legacy

Set over a hundred years before the known events of the Harry Potter books and films , the developers have taken some liberties with the storyline and gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy by bringing in some new elements. This is the case of many NPCs like Sebastian Pallow for example or this potion called "Edurus" in English (we do not yet know the French translation).

Here's everything we know about this brand new potion:

  • In Latin, edurus means "to go and eat",
  • The Edurus Potion allows to significantly increase the Defense of the player by covering him with a skin of stone (you can see its effect in the video below),
  • Ingredients needed : x1 Cinder Serpent Egg + x1 Mongrel Fur

A new potion certainly, but not only!

To make the potion of Edurus, it is necessary to obtain Mongrel fur, a new animal purely invented for the needs of the game. Concerning the eggs of Serpentendre , we see them for the first time in Fantastic Beasts. The eggs are laid just before the death of the creature which can only live for one hour in all! You'll obviously have to freeze the Burning Eggs before you can collect them and turn them into potion ingredients. Note that this is also an ingredient used for the potion of Felix Felicis!

The Mongrel has actually already appeared on the pottermore site (now called wizarding world). This is one of the patronus you can get! This is a kind of ferocious wolfhound that can be fought in the game to get fur.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

Note that we can also see it in the recent showcase gameplay: when the player flies over the snowy plains, a mission is activated asking him to interrupt the charge of a Mongrel with a spell.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
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