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Hogwarts Legacy: 4 details in the latest gameplay trailer that you may have missed!

Hogwarts Legacy: 4 details in the latest gameplay trailer that you may have missed!

The RPG Harry Potter catches your eye and you are on the lookout for the smallest crisp detail that could be hidden in the trailers and other live shows from Avalanche Software? Here are 4 features you may have missed in the recent Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase!

Hogwarts Legacy: 4 details in the latest gameplay trailer that you may have missed!

If you missed the capital information of the week concerning Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy, know that a second Gameplay Showcase of 35 minutes was broadcast this Wednesday, December 14, 2022. You can find its content in our summary article and the video below. But viewing the gameplay once is not enough to realize the crisp details it could hide. Here are 4 features you may have missed.

The Hogwarts Express confirmed?

Although we already have several clues suggesting that the famous train of the saga will be present in the game, we still haven't seen it. However, the Hogwarts Express figurine is one of the main objects that we see in the sets of the "Gameplay Showcase" broadcasts, but it is especially during this second live that we had to pay attention to a significant detail.

Indeed, while one was subjugated by the hippogriff of Onyx flying over the varied landscapes of the open world, one could notice railroad tracks below. It may just be rails for merchant minecarts, especially at this point on the map, but we can't help but think that the train will be available. Especially since the main clue is located in Hogsmeade with its famous "Hogwarts Station" (a train station).

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

The progression of the scenario

During the previous gameplay showcase, we were already told that only the scenario would influence the seasons and that it would therefore not be modeled on the console or PC time. Thus, we will not be able to fully choose to live our adventure in winter or in spring for example. This element was confirmed during the second session: starting the story on September 1, 1890 (for the start of the school year at Hogwarts), the player will arrive at the end of summer and will be able to discover autumn, winter and then spring of Scotland, only by moving forward in the scenario.

Events like Christmas or Halloween will of course be represented between the castle walls with typical decorations from the books.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

We can fight with plants!

During the long advanced combat session in the Dark Magic arena (reserved for Deluxe and Collector's Editions), we could see that it was possible to use various plants to attack enemies for us. If most fans were much more amazed (or taken aback) to discover how simple it seemed to use unforgivable spells like Avada Kedavra, this essential element of gameplay should not be missed. Potions will be your faithful allies, but so will plants!

Between the Mandrake which can paralyze all the enemies around thanks to its shrill cry and the one which acts as a real war turret, there is plenty to do.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

There are other greenhouses in the Room of Requirement

It was already surprising to discover that we could actually decorate the Room of Requirement itself, but the live also confirmed that we will have access to several greenhouses of fantastic animals. Regarding the decoration of the room, it will be necessary to buy recipes from the Tome and Parchments store in Hogsmeade in order to be able to summon the furniture in the room. It is also possible to find plans and furniture directly in the open world.

For the main greenhouse, it is the one that was presented in detail during the gameplay: it can also be decorated to create an idyllic place for all the creatures saved from poachers. It is a peaceful grassland but note that it will be possible to obtain other greenhouses with different biomes like the swamp. You can also see them at the top left and top right of the stairs in the Room of Requirement.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy
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