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Hogwarts Legacy: JK Rowling severely tackles Internet users who boycott the game!

Hogwarts Legacy: JK Rowling severely tackles Internet users who boycott the game!

The controversy around JK Rowling, the author of the Harry Potter saga, is increasingly present on the web as the release of Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy approaches. Recently, the writer took the floor to respond to a boycott that seemed quite illogical according to her.

In two months from now, the long-awaited Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Legacy will be released. If the vast majority of potterheads have already pre-ordered the game as they dreamed of being able to embody their own wizard and explore every corner of the castle, other Internet users are much more intransigent concerning JK Rowling and the shares she could receive when selling the title.

The JK Rowling Controversy

It is not new, it has been several years now that the famous author of the Harry Potter novels has seen her popularity drop drastically. Many fans still support her, but some of her comments, considered transphobic, have convinced Internet users that they should no longer help her in any way to take advantage of the franchise she created. From there began the famous boycott of Hogwarts Legacy: according to the initiators, buying the game would amount to financing the words of JK Rowling, thus giving them credibility.

This article is obviously not here to tell you who is right or wrong, but simply to explain where the famous "drama" around Rowling comes from and why the latter recently spoke about it.

Harry Potter : Hogwarts Legacy

JK Rowling responds to boycott

If Avalanche Software had already explained that JK Rowling was not involved in the least in the development of Hogwarts Legacy (and that the customization of the avatar will be inclusive), this was not enough to avoid the boycott of the title. . With the approach of its release, many Internet users are therefore doing their best to convince fans and future players not to buy the game or to be reimbursed.

One tweet in particular caught the author's eye, that of Jessie Earl , a well-known content creator. This one affirms the following thing: "I would not blame anyone for liking past works or objects that they already own and which comfort them. I myself own the first 9 films and the 7 books. But any support for something like Hogwarts Legacy is harmful."

JK Rowling then allowed herself to respond: "Deeply disappointed that @jessiegender does not realize that pure thought is incompatible with the possession of ANYTHING related to me, in any form. The truly virtuous would not burn not only their books and movies, but also the local library, anything owl related and their own pet dogs. #DoBetter"

It doesn't stop there as the writer chained another response to a user who said "yes, don't stream the game, don't buy Harry Potter merchandise, don't buy the game" . Here is his scathing response: "And as to this, I'm appalled. This individual is actually advocating reading the books because 'no one will know.' It's fine until you get drunk and accidentally quote from it. one pass, son. "I've never done it in public" won't save you when the police see your Hufflepuff socks."

To sum up the situation in a vulgar way: JK Rowling is surprised to see that certain boycotters, convinced that she is transphobic, find it normal to read the books in secret since they are objects of the past that they have appreciated, but abnormal to support her by buying a game that has almost nothing to do with her.

A controversy that has grown since a ratio (the fact of writing a tweet in comment and getting more likes and retweets than the original author like Elon Musk recently) showed that as many people supported Jessie and the trans community, than Internet users supporting Rowling. Jessie also reposted a tweet today, explaining that she was not calling for a boycott so that the author does not receive money on the sales of Hogwarts Legacy but rather for his popularity to drop and that she can no longer expose her words on Twitter (among others).

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