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Hearthstone: 10 free card packs are to be collected as Christmas approaches

Hearthstone: 10 free card packs are to be collected as Christmas approaches

The Winter Veil festivities have come to Hearthstone. This time of year is traditionally filled with a whole host of events, but this time Blizzard has been particularly generous with free Christmas boosters. Ten packs are waiting for you warm.

Hearthstone: 10 free card packs are to be collected as Christmas approaches

Between the Christmas festivities and the deployment of the most ambitious Hearthstone expansion ever released, Blizzard has no shortage of arguments to delight its community of players and small card players. On the occasion of the launch of the Winter Veil event, which can be found every year at this time on the TCG, Hearthstone is very generously offering 10 packs of cards to everyone . You just need to enter them.

How to get the 10 free boosters?

Be careful because these packs may be offered, they will not be given to you by simply logging into the game. You must indeed go through the game store to obtain them. Go to the "Shop" icon, at the bottom left of your screen.

There, you just have to scroll through the offers until you see the one that is free, and which offers all ten packs.


A truly generous offer?

Ten packs 100% offered and which do not require the slightest effort to obtain, it is undeniably very cool, and rare enough on the TCG to be underlined. That being said, we may regret the fact that the offer only contains packs of old extensions. No March of the Lich King boosters on the menu!

Too bad, but we're not going to spit in the soup so far, and if this free bundle allows you to find some legendaries, it's always good to take.

Deadline for the 10 free packs offer

Be careful, you only have until January 31 to claim these free packs. After this date, the bundle will no longer be available in the shop.

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