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Are the bots ruining the solo queue?

Bots have always existed on Leaue of Legends, especially in Coop vs AI games. But did you know that you can also come across them in ranked? And yes, and they are not there to help you.

Séraphine AP carry, still too powerful?

At the beginning of the year, Riot Games wanted to give Seraphine more power in the support position – but everything did not go as planned. The singer always excels at the position of AP carry on League of Legends, and even Riot Games advises to play it like this.

V Rising: Success or flop? Steam users speak out!

V Rising was released less than a month ago in early access and is already enjoying great success around the globe. But then, what does the community think? Who better to tell us about it than the Steam players themselves!

LoL: A Riot Games error reveals the new next skin for Ahri

One of the qualities of League of Legends is the quality of the videos made to promote the game. Only by wanting to do too well, mistakes happen. That's what happened in Pride Month video, where a visual rework was noticed.

Are Lucian and Ahri really OP in the pros?

The MSI is over and if some will especially remember the victory of the Chinese in RNG, graphics card eaters and stats lovers will also notice that two champions finished the tournament with 100% attendance. Are Ahri and Lucian that strong in League of Legends?

LoL: These champions who marked the game but are hardly played anymore

When we talk about League of Legends champions, it is often the most successful, the most popular or the weakest who are put forward. Today we are going to focus on the unloved of the Rift, those who had their moment of glory, before sinking into oblivion.

Elden Ring: A real co-op mode finally available!

You're not dreaming, it is now possible to explore every corner of the Underworld with others! All thanks to a mod created by LukeYui, which lifts the limits of cooperation in Elden Ring and thus allows you to fully share your adventure.

Minecraft: A leak suggests good news

Good news for Minecraft players. It seems that the cubic title from Mojang Studios wants to allow its entire community to be able to vote for this or that mob, and for this, the developers are going to change their way of doing things.

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