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No temporary game mode for the end of the year!

Many players were eagerly awaiting the arrival of League of Legends patch 12.23. Not for the changes they were making, but because Nexus Raid Mode had to return. Unfortunately, due to the game's code spaghetti, the developers couldn't deliver on their promise.

Game Awards 2022: The great absentees we would have liked to hear from

We were treated to many very good trailers during these last Game Awards 2022. Expected or arrived by surprise, many games to come had the right to their moment of glory. However, some bad students were missing. A look back at the major absentees from the ceremony.

Pokémon: 10 Christmas gift ideas for young and old!

You do not know what to offer for Christmas to your child, spouse or any close Pokémon fan? Here are some original gift ideas that will inevitably make them happy! From stuffed animals to pretty terrariums, including the famous Pokémon cards, there is plenty to do.

LoL: Should Riot Games review their Death Recap?

The summary of one of your deaths in League of Legends is supposed to help you understand what happened to you, what spell you should avoid, or what items to buy to counter it if possible. But it doesn't always work as it should.

LoL: A Chinese player's cry of despair.

Although Tencent owns Riot Games and therefore League of Legends, do not believe that Chinese players are treated better than others. It even seems to be the opposite, given the post of a desperate player on Western social networks.

After Pyosik, another world champion would sign in NA

DRX failed to hold onto their nuggets after their League of Legends Worlds title. The majority of players went elsewhere and Pyosik even signed in North America, with Team Liquid. We recently learned that he probably won't be the only one making the trip to the LCS.

LoL: A player gets a new XXL contract in NA at C9

North America has the reputation of being a real El Dorado on League of Legends and the structures of the region like to offer big contracts to players to attract them. Star players are taking advantage of this and one of them has signed an XXL contract with Cloud9.

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