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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 6 hidden new features of the update!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 6 hidden new features of the update!

If the Toy Story update deployed this December 6, 2022 on Disney Dreamlight Valley is rather copious, it still hides a few secrets that you may not have discovered. Ariel and her human form, coffee beans, a tree growing in the Esplanade... Here are the hidden novelties of the update.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available from Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. Today, DDV has already received two major content updates. The first in October with Scar les Mines de Vitalys, and the second in December with the Kingdom of Toy Story.

If a patch note and a complete blogpost have already revealed what this update offers in broad outline, some less visible new features have also been added. After 5 days of intensive farming, it's time to show you the somewhat secret changes to the game since December 6th.

Change character costumes

Thanks to the new Christmas special Way of the Stars, you can now obtain so-called "skins" (cosmetic outfits). Generally paying (and this will probably be the case when the game is released for free in 2023), these skins allow you to change a character's outfit. Currently, three characters can change outfits on DDV:

  • Mickey: get his Christmas outfit on the fourth page of rewards,
  • Merlin: get his Christmas outfit on the fifth page of rewards,
  • Ariel: you can now opt for her mermaid version in the water or her human form on land*

    *Requires advancement with Ariel, Eric, and Ursula to unlock her human form.

    In order to change a character's outfit, you must go to the Collection Menu and the Characters tab. Choose your character then the desired outfit.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Ariel is the only character who cannot fish

Since the launch of the game, Ariel and Ursula were the only two characters who could not accompany us on an excursion and therefore have a job (gathering, extraction, gardening, etc.). A hell for those who wanted to raise their level of friendship quickly. The Little Mermaid was then able to recover her legs and take on human form thanks to a quest from Prince Eric but, unfortunately, still couldn't "go for a ride".

This is now an available option thanks to the update! Talk to Ariel in human form and choose a profession for her now. You will see that it is the only one not to offer Fishing and it makes sense: faithful friend of fish and other crustaceans, it is impossible for Ariel to harm them.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

The tree in the main square is growing!

A bit like in Animal Crossing New Leaf, the more you advance your village, the more the tree in your main square (Esplanade) will grow and surround the well with its beautiful leaves. Remember, at the very beginning of the game, your well looked tiny with ivy on the stone. The more you advance in the game, the more you will see the tree grow from this famous well.

To grow the tree, the only way is to complete your fixed missions in the Collection (not the daily dreamlight missions but the fishing, gathering, friendship etc. missions). There are currently 7 stages:

  • Basic tree: the one from the beginning, with ivy everywhere
  • Level 1 tree: the ivy disappears and a small tree shoot appears,
  • Level 2 tree: several branches now appear around the well (you must have completed a good 30% of the missions),
  • Tree level 3: the branches have grown and wrap around the well (50% of the missions)
  • Tree level 4: branches are more important (70% of missions completed)
  • Tree level 5: the tree really looks like a tree (90% of the missions)
  • Final tree: still unknown for the moment (you must have completed 100% of the missions)
Step 0 - Disney Dreamlight Valley
Step 0
Step 1 - Disney Dreamlight Valley
Step 1
2nd step - Disney Dreamlight Valley
2nd step
Step 3 - Disney Dreamlight Valley
Step 3
Step 4 - Disney Dreamlight Valley
Step 4
Step 5 - Disney Dreamlight Valley
Step 5

Purchase restrictions

You will probably have noticed that from now on, Goofy's stands and especially Kristoff's stand will block you from buying too many resources. For example, it is no longer possible to buy more than 5 ingredients at Goofy or 5 iron ingots at Kristoff. Especially since the stand of the latter seems to bug for most players with negative counters then being displayed.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

New assignments

If the quests of Merlin, Minnie and Wall-E, freshly added, have certainly not gone unnoticed, other missions are a little hidden:

  • The 5 secret Christmas quests: note that the Christmas event will start on December 18 on the game and will offer you to capture special festive fish (among others),
  • Dreamlight missions where you have to mine rubies, sapphires and vitalys crystals (gems added since the Lion King update)

New objects and materials

In addition to the many objects added via La Voie des Étoiles or Toy Story missions, you can find the following new items:

  • Materials : onyx and red algae,
  • Furniture to craft : via your workbench, you can now craft a campfire, a photographic backdrop, Menorah, Kinara, plate and cutlery of the holiday feast, chair of the holiday feast, Stitch's television, Christmas goat, Igloo and Tree holiday joys.
  • Food : new Christmas recipes (note that we still don't know how to get the coffee beans)
  • Elixirs : In addition to the elixir allowing you to grow plantations faster, you can now concoct elixirs allowing you to mine rare gems (pickaxe), catch rare fish and dig more materials.
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