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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Surprise gifts await you in the game!

Disney Dreamlight Valley: Surprise gifts await you in the game!

You thought you had seen all the surprises of Disney Dreamlight Valley? Here's a great one for the Christmas holidays! In addition to the event already underway, you can now get special gifts under the tree. Santa Claus probably went to the castle of dreams...

Since the December 6 update on Disney Dreamlight Valley, many surprises have been lighting up the daily lives of players in addition to new features such as the Toy Story kingdom, festive furniture or the arrival of Stitch.

Complete the Christmas event

Since December 18, a special event has been running on Disney Dreamlight Valley. It is then possible to complete 5 Christmas missions in order to obtain festive rewards (all the details in the guide below). One of the missions called Ho! Oh! Oh! also asks you to:

  1. Pick up pieces of wrapping paper around the Picsou Store,
  2. Craft gifts of different sizes via your workbench,
  3. Give 10 of them to the inhabitants of your choice.

Pick up your gifts under the tree

On December 25, Santa Claus passed through the valley! Head inside the Castle of Dreams to find a garlanded tree and a few packages just for you. Rest assured, if you are not available this Saturday, you have until December 31 to complete the festive quests and receive your gifts. Here's what you can get:

  • A festive snowflake headband
  • A festive piece of furniture
  • Festive materials
  • Festive meals
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
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