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Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 5 secret Christmas quests, how to complete them?

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 5 secret Christmas quests, how to complete them?

Snowman, cookies, fireplace for the end of the year celebrations, hot chocolate, festive fish... Here is a guide entirely dedicated to the festive quests of Disney Dreamlight Valley allowing you to obtain the exclusive rewards of the Christmas event .

Disney Dreamlight Valley: The 5 secret Christmas quests, how to complete them?

Disney Dreamlight Valley is available from Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether it's exploring the open world by unlocking the passages of nocturnal thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or going through the castle and its magic paintings. Today, DDV has already received two major content updates. The first in October with Scar les Mines de Vitalys, and the second in December with the Kingdom of Toy Story.

In addition to adding Buzz, Woody, and Stitch to the game, this December 6 update also introduced special Christmas Dreamlight missions! The Christmas event has also started this December 18 and you can complete all the "secret" quests in order to obtain some festive rewards.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

Oh! Oh! Oh!

Just like in the previous Scar update and the secret Halloween missions, this quest will only trigger a few days before the real Christmas party and therefore around this December 18th . Here's what to do:

  1. Pick up gift papers that are scattered on the Esplanade and more particularly around the Picsou store,
  2. Use the Workbench to craft gifts of any size (the easiest being the small package),
  3. Give 10 of these gifts to the townspeople to complete the quest
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Would you like to make a snowman?

You probably recognize this cult line of Anna from her sister Elsa in Frozen. Travel to the Frozen Heights and place a snowman as an exterior decoration. Thanks to your workbench, in the "furniture" tab, you will see that several snowmen are available for crafting. Choose the one you like the most.

  • Mischievous snowman: 10 snowball + 1 crystal + 2 fabric + 2 rubies
  • Snow child: 8 snowballs + 1 carrot + 2 fabric + 3 pebbles
  • Woman in snow: 10 snowball + 1 carrot + 2 fabric + 3 pebble
  • Classic snowman: 10 snowballs + 1 carrot + 2 fabric + 3 pebbles
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Festive Candy Ears with Bow

cookie tasting

For this quest, you must eat 3 different cookies. To help you, here are some recipes that may work:

  • My Hero Biscuit: 1 wheat + 1 butter + 1 cocoa
  • Biscuits: 1 wheat + 1 cane sugar + 1 butter
  • Chocolate chip cookies: 1 cocoa + 1 wheat + 1 cane sugar + 1 butter
  • Wonderland cookies: 1 butter + 1 candy cane + 1 vanilla + 1 wheat
  • Minnie's Gingerbread Cakes: 1 wheat + 1 ginger
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Once the dishes are in your inventory, you must eat them to complete the quest.


Festive candy ears

A home for the end of the year celebrations

Collect Christmas furniture via The Way of the Stars or craft them using the Workbench. Place 5 of them in one of the rooms in your house to complete the quest! Among the objects that work you can put for example the festive chairs, the festive table, the wooden reindeer, the sleigh, the big Christmas tree, the pile of presents etc.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

winter carpet

Even the fish are festive!

This quest has been available since December 18. If you go to the "fish" tab of your Collection, you will see that fish with Christmas costumes are present. The objective is to catch the different fish:

  • Look for the red and green peach bubbles to identify a Festive Fish,
  • Catch one of each: Festive Bass (Tranquil Meadow), Festive Monkfish (Forgotten Lands), Festive Squid (Bayou of Trust, Forgotten Lands), Festive Fugu (Enchanted Beach, only when it rains), Festive Salmon (Plateau sunny)
Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley
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