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Game Awards 2022: Final Fantasy 16 has its release date, when does the PS5 exclusive arrive?

Game Awards 2022: Final Fantasy 16 has its release date, when does the PS5 exclusive arrive?

We knew it, we got it: the famous release date of FF16 is finally set, after a long period where only the planned period had been revealed. Now it's sure and certain, Square Enix's PS5 exclusive will see the light of day next year and confirms everything with a TGA 2022 trailer.

Unlike the many years between the release of Final Fantasy 13 and Final Fantasy 15, the production of Final Fantasy 16 seems to have taken a "reasonable" amount of time compared to the usual average development times for this AAA genre. After a long phase of refinement, it is now time to find out when we will be able to explore the world of Clive.

And Final Fantasy XVI releases the...

June 22 on PS5, as TheSnitch revealed a few days ago. Still a bit of a wait before finally having it in your hands, however we can at least assume that the game will be really well finished, since the project has been in its final stretch for several months now. In addition, the game will not bet on the open world, which suggests more controlled semi-open areas and therefore with less risk of bugs or oddities of all kinds. If Creative Business Unit 3's previous work, Final Fantasy XIV, is to be trusted, one can really expect something tweaked in the builder's AAA fashion.

Final Fantasy XVI

The first new generation FF

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will follow a few months later with a release exclusively designed for the PS5, but it is Final Fantasy 16 that will open the ball for next-gen AAA J-RPGs at Square Enix. We obviously can't wait to see what happens, even if we would like the publisher not to overload the communication around the game with trailers that reveal important places or moments of the experience. With the few trailers that have already been released, we already know enough about the synopsis, the fights and the characters. If we could stop there, it wouldn't be so bad for the pleasure of discovery next summer.

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