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LoL: Everything we know about Norra

Theories suggest that Norra could be the next champions to come to League of Legends. We've put together everything we know so far about that champion who may be arriving after Akshan


SIFU: New gameplay trailer shows off main mechanics

SIFU has wowed gamers since its announcement thanks to its spectacular martial arts style and strange aging-based core mechanic. The title got a new trailer as part of the State of Play event.


Moss: Book 2 announced for PlayStation VR

Moss was a small VR game in which the protagonist is a little mouse, that is more than alive. There will now be a sequel for PlayStation VR, and we can't wait to play it.

LoL: 7 questions about Akshan answered by the developers

Akshan is here, ready to be the 156th champion in League of Legends. He has a new style that has broken the mould of the typical midlane champion, but has raised many doubts in the community. Here, his creators answer the most common questions.

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