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LoL: The amazing offer Faker turned down from TSM and Team Liquid to stay in the LCK!

LoL: The amazing offer Faker turned down from TSM and Team Liquid to stay in the LCK!

Several North American organizations, before Faker became a shareholder of T1, made an offer to the South Korean that few people would have refused. The midlaner rejected these proposals to stay in the organization that gave him everything at the professional level in League of Legends.

LoL: The amazing offer Faker turned down from TSM and Team Liquid to stay in the LCK!

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The LCS have always tried to attract the best players in the world to their league. It is true that they are still trying today, but the biggest proposals came when the League of Legends franchise league was created on the New Continent.

High level players like Bang or CoreJJ arrived in this league, but they were not the only ones who received offers with an almost indecent amount of money to be part of these organizations. Apparently, the likes of TSM and Team Liquid approached Faker with a more than dizzying offer that many would have accepted without nearly batting an eyelid.

Just a blank check

As discussed on this podcast with Scarra, Yvonne and Kobe as guests, Faker reportedly turned down dizzying offers from North America. What's more, the speakers claim that certain organizations have even offered him a blank check to try to convince him. For those who don't know what it is, when you give someone a blank check, it means that the player or the person who receives it can put in whatever amount they want as their salary. For many it's an offer that can't be refused, but not for Faker.

Money doesn't buy happiness, and if it doesn't, discuss it with Faker. Many players put their club and its sporting project before a better economic future, even if this remains quite rare today in both esports and traditional sports. Faker loves T1, to the point of being one of the company's shareholders today. A good way for him to have a ready-made conversion when he puts an end to his sports career. The South Korean has never hidden that he considers he owes a lot to his structure, and it is not surprising that he has decided to link his destiny to the latter. Even if this could put him in a weak position with regard to negotiations (complicated to go to another club when you are a shareholder of a competitor), he remains today one of the highest paid players in the club. League of Legends ecosystem, proof that his club honors his loyalty.

A new challenger?

If the offers of the LCS teams have been revealed, it should not be forgotten that they are not necessarily the richest league . The LPL is also known for its incredible salaries , to the point that several Korean stars have revealed that the pay is much higher in China than in South Korea. Since these weren't necessarily second-tier players (Peanut, PawN for the old ones, and there were also rumors of offers Rekkles received at the time), you probably have to give that some consideration . credit . However, the situation is quite different in China and South Korea, compared to Europe or North America . Several teams are linked to big companies, and therefore have quite significant resources. As these are only showcases for these companies , they do not necessarily need to be profitable, since they are there for the image of the brand , a bit like the Ferrari Formula 1 team. doesn't necessarily need to generate money (we're not saying that it isn't, or that LPL teams aren't, we don't know. We just notice that direct profitability n is not mandatory, given the prestige generated by good sporting/sporting performances).

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