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LoL: The pentakill of the champion who is least likely to do so

LoL: The pentakill of the champion who is least likely to do so

Whether it's because of its low damage in long fights, or because there are so many champions that can kill an opponent, pentas are tricky to pull off. Today we see how a Yuumi achieves this and achieves a penta in the most hidden way possible.

LoL: The pentakill of the champion who is least likely to do so

If you're making a list of League of Legends champions who are hard to get a Pentakill with, Yuumi will definitely be one of them. Despite being one of the most hated champions in MOBA, the cat doesn't do much damage in teamfights. In his skill set, he only has one ability that does damage, his Q, though his R is a good support tool for controlling enemies.

Also, as if that were not enough, it must be taken into account that successfully killing all five enemy players in the same fight is something very complicated, and if you add to this that there is usually an assassin or an ADC in your team, the task becomes even more complicated, because they have more damage and burst and can take away HP much faster.

A penta with Yuumi is possible

In this video shared on Reddit, Yuumi was first attached to K'Sante and descended from it for a few seconds. In that brief moment, she took the life out of Varus with a basic attack and finished off the opposing Lux with her Q—before diving back into one of her allies, which in this case was Mordekaiser.

Once the enemy Sett was down to nothing, Yuumi split again and finished him off with a basic attack. Soon after, Maokai met the same fate, and to top it all off, the enemy Grave gave himself up to make the cat pull off this unlikely pentakill. Of course, this is an ARAM game, in normal game, this move seems almost impossible to reproduce.

It is important to remember that Yuumi will be one of the champions who will receive changes in the coming months and we will know all the details about them very soon. The new season of League of Legends has many surprises in store for us, and we will have to wait until mid-January to know the most important ones.


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