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LoL: What is the best designed champion? The community has the answer!

LoL: What is the best designed champion? The community has the answer!

Players are often more inclined to criticize than to praise League of Legends. However, the community has reached a rather particular consensus by designating, according to them, the best designed champion of Summoner's Rift.

The League of Legends community is not the most tender, and is often very critical of Riot Games (whether justified or not). But sometimes players point out the good work of the studio and even go so far as to compliment it. It is true that they are rare, but it does happen sometimes.

King Ezreal?

This is what happened on Reddit, the most famous of community forums. One user was keen to point out that they believe Ezreal is the pinnacle of champion design

“In my opinion, the beauty of the MOBA genre is that it seems simple on the surface, but is incredibly deep over time. Ezreal is a good example of that. simple. But at the same time, this champion is incredibly difficult to master. Other great examples are things like Caitlyn, Orianna, and Janna. Even for professional players, some of them are so much better with Ezreal than others. .

This is the pinnacle of champion design . Simple to play, easy to understand, but almost impossible to master.

He's a champion that came out over 10 years ago and Riot really made him stand out. Kudos to the original designer at the time. In addition, his mini rework improved it even more by respecting the original idea."

League of Legends

Ezreal was added to the game in March 2010. His kit has remained largely unchanged since then, with a few minor tweaks here and there. Most important is the change to his W, which didn't stick to enemies when hit, but was a simple AP-based skill shot.

Her W was her biggest weakness before her mini-rework, and was nearly unusable in the eyes of many players. This is the main argument of community members who disagree with the opinion that Ezreal has had a perfect design throughout its history.

Ezreal remains a very popular champion, since only Kai'Sa surpasses him. He is chosen in 21.3% of games and has a somewhat weak win rate of 47.6% (for Platinum ranks and above).

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