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LoL: Which champions received the most skins in 2022?

LoL: Which champions received the most skins in 2022?

With each passing year, Riot Games releases over 100 skins for League of Legends champions - and some are known to receive more than others. So what were the developers' favorites this year?

LoL: Which champions received the most skins in 2022?

League of Legends is a free-to-play game whose monetization involves the sale of cosmetic items, including skins, which change the appearance, visual effects and sometimes even the voice of champions. Riot Games' MOBA already has over a thousand skins in total, and every year the developer releases at least 100 more skins. But which champions received the most skins in 2022?

Since cosmetic items generate revenue, it's only natural for Riot Games to produce more skins for champions with the highest pick rate, which is often the most popular within the community. We can see it among the champions who have the most skins in total. Still, the developer reserves part of its production for the least popular characters, regularly giving a guarantee to some of them at the start of each season. Without further ado, let's get to the numbers.

Champions with the most skins in 2022

Taking into account all cosmetics released in 2022, including Prestige editions, the champions who received the most skins were Ekko, Janna, Lux, and Senna, all of whom had three skins . It's not hard to see why these characters have garnered more attention from Riot Games, after all, they're still some of the most popular in League of Legends. To attest to this fact, just look at the number of picks, bans and presence in the ranked queues.

Using the LolAlytics site as a baseline and only considering data from the current update - at the time of writing this list, patch 12.23 - we have identified the following numbers:

  • Ekko: 7.07% pick rate, 6.13% ban rate, 610,000 games played
  • Janna: 3.61% pick rate, 0.91% ban rate, 312,000 games played
  • Lux: 17.22% pick rate, 14.10% ban rate, 1.4 million games played
  • Senna: 6.33% pick rate, 2.26% ban rate, 546,000 games played

    The Lady of Light clearly stands out from the crowd and it's no wonder she's one of the champions with the most skins in LoL. Still, the rest put up respectable numbers, especially compared to other characters in their categories. For example, Ekko is the third most picked jungler. The current meta isn't the best for Senna, who only has a 49% win rate, but she still has more plays than Janna, who in turn is well placed with a 53 win rate %.

Ekko Skins in 2022

Ekko Flying Fire - League of Legends
Ekko Flying Fire
Ekko Star Guardian Ekko - League of Legends
Ekko Star Guardian Ekko
Ekko Guardian of the stars Ekko prestige - League of Legends
Ekko Guardian of the stars Ekko prestige

Janna Skins in 2022

Crystal Rose Janna - League of Legends
Crystal Rose Janna
Janna Cyber Halo - League of Legends
Janna Cyber Halo
Janna Cyber Halo prestige - League of Legends
Janna Cyber Halo prestige

Skins of Lux in 2022

Lux of porcelain - League of Legends
Lux of porcelain
Prestige porcelain lux - League of Legends
Prestige porcelain lux
Empyrean Lux - League of Legends
Empyrean Lux

Senna Skins in 2022

Lunar Eclipse Senna - League of Legends
Lunar Eclipse Senna
Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna - League of Legends
Prestige Lunar Eclipse Senna
Senna witch - League of Legends
Senna witch

Other champions who received more than one skin in 2022

While the darlings above have received a lot of cosmetic attention from Riot this year, there are other champions who have had the privilege of having more than one skin in the same year. Here we consider esports skins, Victorious and Prestiges editions.

  • Aphelios: EDG and Spirit Blossom
  • Diana: Pyrotechnician and Winter's Chosen
  • Jinx: Battle Cat and Prestige Battle Cat
  • Lissandra: Porcelain and Astro-groove
  • Master Yi: Spirit Blossom and Spirit Blossom Prestige
  • Mordekaiser: From the West and Ash Ravager
  • Nami: Astro-groove and Astro-groove prestige
  • Sejuani: From the Solar Eclipse and Heroine of War
  • Séraphine: Song of the Ocean and Song of the Ocean Prestige
  • Sett: Pyrotechnician and Spirit Blossom
  • Sylas: Battlewolf and Ashen Slayer
  • Talon: Western and Western Prestige
  • Teemo: Pyrotechnician and Astro-groove
  • Tristana: Pyrotechnician and Spirit Blossom
  • Viego: EDG and King
  • Warwick: Winter's Chosen and Winter's Chosen Prestige Edition
  • Xayah: Phoenix Courageous Prestige and Arcane
  • Zoe: EDG and Winter's Chosen

    Finally, there are 87 other champions who only had one skin this year. In total, Riot Games released 113 League of Legends skins in 2022 excluding champion launch skins, having delivered the promised cosmetics at the start of Season 12, a list that included names that have not been addressed for a long time, like Fiddlesticks, Heimerdinger and Rell. Thus, 49 champions did not have a skin in 2022 .

    Was your hand one of the lucky ones to get skins this year?

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