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LoL: Would the solution to improve the meta be to remove the nerves on the anti-heal?

LoL: Would the solution to improve the meta be to remove the nerves on the anti-heal?

Currently, many League of Legends players are complaining about some champions' ability to heal as if they were potential Wolverines. Would the solution be to return the bleeding to its former level? The reality is unfortunately more complex.

LoL: Would the solution to improve the meta be to remove the nerves on the anti-heal?

Assuming you haven't launched League of Legends in weeks, here's one of the problems with the meta . A lot of tanks and bruisers are able to heal a lot during fights , making most damage dealers have a hard time dealing with them. The frustration of ADC players, mages and to some extent assassins (even if the latter can compensate by going on tanking/healing objects to also be part of the problem, this is not necessarily the gameplay sought by these becomes increasingly large, because regardless of their lane phase, their damage is often insufficient in the mid/late game.

On patch 12.10, Riot Games nerfed anti-heal but also self-healing , to avoid a one-shot meta. Wouldn't the solution then be to go back to the old anti-heal objects, in order to clean up the meta?

Consequences of the modifications of 12.10

Since this patch is a bit dated, might as well refresh your memory. Following the latter, anti-heal items saw their effectiveness drop from 60% nullified healing to only 40%. At the same time, the various sources of healing have been nerfed by approximately 10% , in order to avoid the current problem. It worked rather, the heals were generally less powerful in general, but remained more effective against players with anti-heal builds.

Only the preseason has given a big kick to this fragile ecosystem, bringing objects with increasingly powerful healing . Whereas in the past it was usually more cost effective to buy resistances rather than just self-healing builds, that 's not really the case anymore. Some champions like Kayn, Aatrox or Olaf can build with very low resistances, lots of lifesteal/omnivamp items, and be nearly unkillable in teamfights unless there is a huge focus from the opposing team (but this last one is then destroyed by the 4 other players since they have almost dropped everything on a single target).

Why buffering the anti-heal would not be a good solution?

Over time, Riot Games has created quite a few self-heal based champions and not all of them dominate the meta. If champions like Mundo, Aatrox, Olaf and Kayn are very strong today, others have more difficulty existing like Vladimir, Renekton (with the Q charged in fury) etc.. Make the anti-heal too powerful would pose the opposite problem, and would simply prevent certain characters from appearing in Summoner's Rift , because their primary mechanic would be countered by a single item.

Similarly, nerfing the heal is complicated. The problem today comes partly from the combination between these objects and the champions who naturally heal a lot. It is obvious that some objects deserve a small nerf, like the Ravenous Hydra or the Jak'Sho, but the heal does not necessarily have to be nerfed . It would be possible to nerf the resistances brought by the Jak'Sho or the Hydra's AD. However, this risks making the objects too situational.

The problem may be too large sources of heal present in the game . Between the runes that allow you to heal yourself (Triumph, Second Wind, Taste of Blood, even Revitalization), the objects that provide self-heal or efficiency on the latter (Spiritual Face), even even the enchanters with healing , there are very (too?) many ways to heal yourself during a fight. The solution could then be to add other anti-heal objects, which could stack between them . This could allow for a more reliable answer to the healing issue, while making these builds less effective in terms of burst and generally not very strong against other threats. Or, it would be possible to cap healing at a maximum number, to prevent a champion from regenerating double his life bar during a teamfight. None of these solutions is necessarily satisfactory (if we had the perfect solution, we would work at Riot Games), but can be avenues to explore.

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