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LoL: Caps dreams of a tournament on LoL by nations, revealing the team he most wants to face!

LoL: Caps dreams of a tournament on LoL by nations, revealing the team he most wants to face!

The Football World Cup has, as always, made League of Legends fans want to see a global tournament no longer between different regions, but between different nationalities. Caps has also spoken about it, revealing the team he would absolutely beat.

LoL: Caps dreams of a tournament on LoL by nations, revealing the team he most wants to face!

As with every major international competition , whether it's the FIFA World Cup, the Olympics, or something similar, the League of Legends community dreams of seeing a tournament where teams representing different countries compete against each other . . This could generate a lot of hype, as was the case with the World Cup on Overwatch where France had also distinguished itself. Even the trolls would be delighted, as this would finally answer the question of whether a US team without imports can do anything on the international stage .

Which would be the strongest nations?

We will not surprise anyone by mentioning South Korea and China , which will not change much from the current professional scene. In Europe one of the strongest nations would undoubtedly be Denmark . The Wunder, Caps and Kobbe trio are already playing in the LEC, and no one has forgotten that the two sololaners made the heyday of G2 Esports. Then just look in LCS to complete the team with Santorini and Zven , and you get a team that could do well.

For France , it would be a little more difficult. It would be possible to make a good team with Vetheo or Toucouille in the mid, Hans Sama in adc and Adam or Cabochard on the toplane . The support and jungler positions would be more difficult to complete, because despite our national talents which abound in the LFL and elsewhere in Europe (like Stend), their level may be a bit tight to get the title. Nevertheless, we should get out of chickens, unlike the USA. Finally, Poland should not be underestimated either , who have provided many excellent players to the LEC , and who together with Denmark seem to be the most homogeneous European team. Most of the other nations have the same problem as France, with some very strong players, but difficulties in finding a world-class player in certain specific positions.

The team that Caps would absolutely like to beat

Unsurprisingly, the G2 midlaner would especially like to beat his Swedish neighbors . It must be said that in addition to the rivalry between these two neighboring nations, the Swedish team would be a major opponent with players like Rekkles, Treatz, Larssen, Finn and Yike (we did not mention him in the previous paragraph to keep the "suspense", but it would be one of the best European teams on paper).

Even if the result of a World Cup would still be quite obvious (everyone hits each other and in the end it's Korea or China who win), this kind of tournament could create new rivalries and tell great stories.

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