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PlayStation Store: Sales for Halloween!

PlayStation Store: Sales for Halloween!

The most terrifying holiday of the year is fast approaching and on this occasion, PlayStation wanted to treat its thrill-seekers with a great Halloween promo. Believe us, there is a very heavy program!

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Halloween is approaching and to celebrate this terrifying evening from your sofa, PlayStation offers you a monumental promo made up of the best horror titles in the industry. If when you think of horror, your mind wanders to Until Dawn, Outlast, or The Dark Pictures Anthology, rest assured they are all on sale!

Although over 460 items are available in these PlayStation Store Halloween discounts, here's a selection of the ones we find the most enticing.

Disclaimer: Halloween obliges, most of the games that follow are reserved for an informed public. If you are under 18, please inform yourself about the restrictions of each production.

The Dark Pictures Anthology - Triple Pack

Thanks to this horrifying trio, get ready to thrill with three narrative adventures with totally diverse themes that will make your head spin. Firstly, Man of Medan will immerse you (literally) in a diving session between friends that goes very wrong... Secondly, Little Hope will take you to the village of the same name inhabited by mysterious entities. Then end of the journey with House of Ashes which will allow you to embody soldiers trapped in a cave… unfortunately, they are not alone there.

The pack is available right here .


Resident Evil 2

True legend of the Capcom license , the second installment of Resident Evil will put you in the shoes of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, who will try somehow to resist the invasion of zombies in Raccoon City. This totally revamped edition of the 1998 classic will terrify newcomers and seasoned fans alike!

The game is available on sale right here .


Outlast 1 & 2

This Red Barrels license is without a doubt one of the most terrifying in the entire video game industry. With its gloomy atmosphere as possible and its gameplay in which only an infrared vision camera can sometimes guide you, Outlast productions have made more than one scream.

While the beta of The Outlast Trials, the next opus, will be available from October 28 to November 1, this Halloween is placed under the sign of the license and believe us, the occupants of the asylum of Mount Massive will mark you.

Outlast 1 is available right here , and the second installment right there .


Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

This terrifying opus from the horrifying license of Steel Wool Studios will plunge you into a state of intense stress... all in VR! You play as an employee hired to watch over the animatronics of this mysterious place at night. Be careful because sometimes these inanimate characters will come to life and do everything to annihilate you. Find refuge in your security office, otherwise...

Five Nights at Fredd'ys: Help Wanted is available right here .


Something to shiver from your sofa or your office. Be careful however, these exceptional promotions will only be available on the PlayStation Store until November 3rd. So jump on it now!

Free primogems to be collected very soon with the live presentation of 3.2!

Hoyoverse has finally communicated the dates and times of its special livestream revealing the outlines of patch 3.2. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the archon Dendro Nahida and the new Scaramouche boss, while stocking up on redeem codes to get free primos!

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