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God of War Ragnarök: Painful Enemies and Unbridled Violence

God of War Ragnarök: Painful Enemies and Unbridled Violence

Battles are at the heart of GoW gameplay, and the developers at SIE Santa Monica Studio focused on them to improve and make them even better. It also involves new, ever deadlier adversaries. Here are the details.

The greatest pleasure offered to players in the God of War saga is the fact of actually having the impression of playing the god of war, with all his force and his fury. By extension, it is something to preserve, even to improve in God of War Ragnarök. But that's no small feat, since the previous title was voted game of the year, and some publications also chose it as the best game of all time.


The developers' goal is to navigate the fine line between the satisfaction of having taken on a challenge, with enjoyable combat, and the frustration that can arise from overly difficult enemies with abilities that seem unfair. Elements therefore assist the player, whether visually with the colored circles, or with the sound effects. They are thought of as combat puzzles to be solved.

New enemies, with more varied sizes and abilities, have therefore been added to the bestiary. Even the places visited again have changed. The elven realm does not understand that the dark elves, the light elves are going to be the main antagonists there, and their fighting style is radically different. More mini-bosses have also been added to each realm to punctuate your adventures.


The fights have been polished, with a large amount of motion capture sessions for the animations, and a careful design of the visual effects, in order to help anticipate the danger of spells, for example. Kratos has new techniques and animations for each weapon, in order to offer new opportunities, and to personalize your fighting style. You can send a blade to an enemy from a distance before transmitting a wave of flames, as in the previous game, but also add a second blade, for even more devastating damage.

In terms of movement, jumping off a ledge automatically performs a heavy drop attack on an enemy below. And the execution animations are also more varied depending on the weapon used.

Shields also got some attention, with two new variants. A first shield is dedicated to parries, it will reward talented players, who like to take risks. A second heavier shield, which favors blocks, allows a safer style of play. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of, the important thing is to use the tools at your disposal in order to progress.


Kratos' son was just a kid in GoW, and he was very dependent on his father for traveling and fighting. But in Ragnarök, he is more independent, he climbs obstacles without assistance, and he is capable of astonishing prowess during confrontations. He will execute his own combos, with sometimes devastating abilities. Atreus also has his own fighting style, he is not a small Kratos. In addition to his bow, he will instead use magic and agile attacks.

It also has its place in puzzle solving, with a special arrow capable of breaking certain objects. Of course, he also has an important place in the main story, he does not just follow Kratos without saying anything, while he massacres the occupants of the nine kingdoms.

The release is near, and you can experience it all on PS4 and PS5 on November 9th. You can wait by consulting our preview, as well as our guides dedicated to the mythology of this universe.

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