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Twitch: Amouranth revolted by a cosplay in very bad taste…

Twitch: Amouranth revolted by a cosplay in very bad taste…

A few days ago, Amouranth revealed to her community that she was the victim of abuse and harassment from her husband. Since then, the streamer has been trying to climb the slope but sometimes... she is not helped!

A few days ago, the social network Twitter exploded with the terrible Amouranth affair . As we told you in our many articles on the subject (do not hesitate to consult it right here for more information), the very famous young streamer on the Twitch platform has been offering Hot Tub lives for quite some time now, and if it is the number 1 in its category, we recently learned that the reverse of the decor is unfortunately very sad and dark.

Behind all this would be none other than her husband who would force her to go further and further, even going so far as to lie about her private life. It was also a question of domestic violence… In a rather reassuring stream, the content creator announced to her fans that she had access to all her accounts and finances again and that she was looking for a legal adviser to to put an end to all this history to finally regain total freedom.

However, some members of her community are concerned about Amouranth's mental/psychological state and to make matters worse, an Instagram model decided to cosplay the streamer in a totally inappropriate way...

A cosplay gone wrong

Shortly after the explosion of the Amouranth affair on the networks, an influencer by the name of Ellie Rae published a set of very disturbing photos… We see the content creator who seems to be cosplaying as Amouranth, except that she recreates in images the stream during which the streamer, in tears, revealed to the whole world that she was the victim of abuse on the part of her husband.

Above the photos, Ellie Rae writes: “If I stop streaming for my simps (hardcore fans) he will teach me a good lesson” . Since then, the cosplayer has deleted her tweets (and even her account) , but screenshots of these have already gone around the world… Until they reach the eyes of the main concerned.

Amouranth's reaction

Of course, such a cosplay was not well received. The streamer immediately tweeted “but why?” . We suspect that after all that she has just been through, this type of content is the last thing that could help her finally get back on track.

However, Amouranth is undeterred and prefers to focus on her future as well as her future career. Now free to create the content she wants, the streamer wants to spread her passion for animals through her networks. As for the haters or those who try to laugh at her misfortune, she prefers to ignore them as she has always done so well.

"I'm positive for the future, I'm happy to be free. I'm happy that my dogs are doing well (...) I don't know what I'm going to do next. I hope there will be a lot no more animal streams. It's going to take time. I don't know if or when I'll go back to a full schedule. At least for now, I think I'll rest."
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