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Zorua Pokémon GO: When Niantic's nice surprise finally disappoints players

Zorua Pokémon GO: When Niantic's nice surprise finally disappoints players

For Shuppet featured hour this October 25, we were supposed to have a nice surprise on Pokémon GO: beautiful Zorua to capture for the first time on the mobile game. Unfortunately, Niantic has retraced its steps...

Emotional lift today for Pokémon GO players: when they thought they could capture a rare creature never seen before in the mobile game, Niantic finally decided to remove it due to a bug.

Zorua, available for a limited time?

This Tuesday, October 25, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., is Polichombr's featured hour. We knew it, a surprise had to be there and the Australian players were able to discover it in preview since their time zone is before ours. As a result, players around the world have been very excited for a few hours now to meet for the first time in the game: Zorua!

The premise is simple: it was supposed to appear at the start and end of the featured hour in place of Polichombr, players could then capture it and add it to their collection if they had put their Buddy Pokémon next to it. 'them. A very time-limited event that would have made it possible to own a very rare creature before Niantic made it available to everyone later in the year.

Zorua - Pokemon GO
Zoroark - Pokemon GO

The bug that ruins everything

Unfortunately, the Australians obviously served as a test for this particular event and the developers realized that issues were being caused in-game by the appearance of Zorua. In an official tweet, they explain:

Trainers, we are aware of a bug where Zorua, a Pokémon whose surprise encounter is scheduled during the Featured Hour on October 25, retains stats such as the size, CP, and attacks of the Pokémon it has. originally took the form.

A bug which may seem minimal but which gives pretty crazy things like Zorua to more than 3000 CP for example or which keeps attacks that it is not supposed to have. Because of this, "The Zorua Surprise that occurred in time zones including and preceding GMT+13 will not occur in subsequent time zones while we fix this issue. The Polichombr Spotlight Hour will still occur. "

This means that for France, this evening, we will not have the right to meet Zorua unfortunately and that we will have to wait for another time. Rest assured, Zorua should reappear soon. In the meantime, you can still enjoy the Halloween event.

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