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Pokémon GO: A very sad player after missing a challenge they had going for years!

Pokémon GO: A very sad player after missing a challenge they had going for years!

A real tragedy. A training career broken forever. The day before Halloween, a Japanese Pokémon GO player who had only made it his goal for 5 years to capture only Pikachu, was tricked by a little prankster and broke his streak.

On October 29, a Japanese trainer on Pokémon GO by the name of UltiPZ saw a goal of several years ruined by a Halloween happening in the game. He had set himself the sole goal of capturing Pikachu for the duration of the game, and after 5 trouble-free years and 11,012 Pikachu caught , he got screwed.

The culprit is...

...a simple Zorua. Like a Metamorph, this pokemon is able to take on the appearance of another , and no luck for our dear UltiPZ, this Zorua decided to take on the appearance of a Pikachu.

To forgive him for this mistake, we can remember that Zorua has only been available in the game since October 28, in a patch for Halloween, but our friend was not careful.

After this incident, UltiPZ said it was ending "his first life as a trainer" , and would then begin his second. Will he start from scratch and continue to catch Pikachu or will he change his objective? The future will tell.

Joyful... - Pokemon GO
...Halloween! - Pokemon GO

It's Halloween!

Today is Halloween and therefore time for a little reminder about the main new features on Pokémon GO for the occasion:

  • Vulpix, Fenard, Ectoplasma, Pumpkin, Banshitrouye, Pikachu and Piplup in disguise are available.
  • A special study by Professor Willow will be available in order to learn more about Tutafeh and Tutafeh of Galar. And with a bit of luck, you can catch a Chromatic Galarian Tutafeh.
  • Regarding the 7 km eggs, the following pokemon will have a greater chance of appearing in them: Tutafeh, Tutafeh de Galar, Brocélôme, Gringolem and Sonistrelle. Chromatic Sonistrelle even has a chance to manifest.
  • New accessories will be available in the shop, namely: Teraclope Costume, Teraclope Scarf and Nosferapti Headband.
  • Mega Branette is in Mega Raids.

    ...and Zorua/Zoroark are obviously available . So if like UltiPZ you feel the soul of a relentless trainer, go out at your own risk and take care of yourself!

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