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LoL: Prices tattoo duration, the crazy numbers of Rekkles

LoL: Prices tattoo duration, the crazy numbers of Rekkles

Carl Martin Erik "Rekkles" Larsson is a key figure on the League of Legends scene but also on the networks. Well identifiable with his tattoos, he gave some details in stream that will delight his biggest fans.

Photo: Rekkles

It's still unclear where Rekkles will end up next year. Everyone expects him to leave Karmine Corp to join an LEC team, but the transfer window has not yet taken off and we have to wait to see more clearly. In the meantime, the Swede is busy as best he can. After participating in the last LEC Finals as a guest of honor, he is currently streaming League of Legends Worlds in react mode.

And even if the games are really not lacking in spice, he takes the time to chat with his cat to talk about anything and everything. He notably gave some details about his famous tattoos. The figures regarding the hours of work required and the price are worth a look!

9,000 euros is not that much

Rekkles estimated he spent $ 9,000 on his tattoos. He didn't elaborate, but we imagine that's just his latest "wave," including his headlines, legs, bust, and back. As a reminder, the Swede has been tattooed for a long time, but in the past he had a very different style. In particular, he had famous headlines where he had his name written. When he needed changes, his arms are now filled with ink. The ADC also clarified that the price was approximate, in particular because he paid his tattoo artist in Swedish kronor and had to juggle the exchange rate.

9,000 euros is a substantial sum. But for those who get tattooed, it's not that expensive... Rekkles has indeed indicated that these 9,000 euros were paid for more or less 100 hours of work ! 90 euros per hour, it's still a more than adequate deal. For the record, the player hopes to stay in touch with his tattoo artist with whom he has hooked up well. At the same time, spending so much time together being so close, it helps to bond.

Rekkles, the most bankable player in Europe?

League of Legends

Rekkles pays attention to his image. It must be said that it is a mark all by itself. In addition to his level of play and his track record (multiple European champion), he above all has a huge fanbase. Very active on the networks, he has already posed for major brands (Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Nike...). When he retires, a career as a streamer reaches out to him. But with his network, he could also become a brand ambassador or model .

In Europe, it is not clear who could compete with him. Sportingly speaking, players like caPs, Jankos or Perkz are surely superior to Rekkles. But so far they haven't managed to capitalize on their image as much as the Swede.

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