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GTA 5 Online: A week of night and party!

The weekly new features are available from this Thursday, September 8 in GTA Online. On the program for this new week, vehicles to win but also bonuses through activities related to nightclubs. We tell you everything.

Fortnite finally has a Secretlab gaming chair in its colors!

Until now, Fortnite fans weren't particularly spoiled for gaming chairs, and with the exception of a few custom-made copies, it was difficult to show your passion for BR simply with your chair. But since the partnership between Fortnite and Secretlab, everything changes!

PS5: The new model, much better than the old one?

Sony has completely overhauled the internal design of its latest PS5 models. A revised PS5 model even started appearing in Australia last month. So what makes this "new PS5" superior to the old one?

Will Elon Musk buy Fortnite? The rumor swells again!

The most famous billionaire on the planet would he have set his sights on Epic Games, after the failure of negotiations to buy Twitter? Fortnite fans strongly believe in it! It's time to take stock of the rumors in vogue.

Cult of the Lamb, the biggest cult in the world?

Cult of the Lamb, the horrifying yet adorably cute game, celebrates 100,000 Twitter followers. The opportunity for the developers to make a rather unusual comparison, would they have become the biggest cult in the world?

Buy ALL the skins of the game, how much does it cost?

Fortnite is undoubtedly one of the most prolific games in the world, when it comes to skins. It's simple: Epic Games makes sure to release new cosmetics almost every day. But what is the amount of the bill, if we buy all the cosmetic content of the game?

Elden Ring: A comic manga in the pipeline?

Unsurprisingly, and like its older Dark Souls brothers before it, Elden Ring is entitled to a manga adaptation. What is surprising, however, is that it is a comic manga. Elden Ring, The Road to the Erdtree already has a first chapter.

LoL: Will Riot Games done with balancing Yuumi and Zeri soon?

After months of complaints from the community, Riot Games has confirmed its grand plan to fix Zeri and Yuumi's issues. The developer has clarified which skills it will modify in the coming months and the long-term goal for both champions.

When is season 4 coming out?

It has been known for some time when the next season 4 of Fortnite will be released. And in the home stretch that separates us from the upcoming episode on the BR, the leaks are more precise on the time of the deployment of the shift!

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