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Elden Ring: The announcement of a DLC before the end of the month?

Elden Ring: The announcement of a DLC before the end of the month?

FromSoftware's latest game has been out for several months now and gamers are eagerly awaiting the announcement of a DLC for Elden Ring. A rather mysterious event at the Tokyo Game Show 2022 could well reveal more about the future of the license!

Since its release last February, Elden Ring has fascinated gamers around the world. The latter are impatiently awaiting news of an upcoming DLC because although the Underworld is vast, some have gone around it. Mods and other challenges add a few hours of gameplay to FromSoftware's production, but many mysteries remain unanswered, and the Shatterless hope that a DLC will be able to introduce them to even more elements of the fabulous lore written by George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki.

While the DLCs for FromSoftware games are announced (on average) less than a year after their release, the company may therefore reveal additional content much sooner than you think. Before the end of the month ?

The announcement of an imminent DLC?

This is what several players think after discovering Bandai Namco's schedule at the Tokyo Game Show. The event will take place from September 15 to 18, and many companies will be making announcements, revealing gameplay clips, and bringing their fans together.

As for the Souls' parent company, the schedule is more than hectic, but it's what lies at its end that has captured the attention of community investigators. Bandai Namco's latest slot is called "???", followed by a "to be announced" . A mystery around the final slot of the company's schedule, which has created a real hype on the networks.

"Bandai has unveiled their schedule for TGS 2022 but there is still a slot under the name "??? to be announced". This is not just a mystery, this must be a big announcement as this is the last slot in their lineup. Rumor has it it could be Armored Core 6 , or the announcement of a DLC for Elden Ring."
YasuhiroK - Reddit (Source)

It is important to note that, for these types of conventions, the biggest announcements are generally made at the end of a speech . This "???" would therefore be, more or less logically, the biggest announcement from Bandai Namco/FromSoftware at TGS 2022. Fans are kept in suspense and eagerly waiting to find out if this intervention will concern Elden Ring, or not.

Elden Ring

Games other than Elden Ring?

Of course, FromSoftware's portfolio is vast and it is quite possible that this mystery announcement concerns other productions . Among the list of suspects: Armored Core 6 , or Ultimate Ninja Storm 5 . FromSoftware could announce during the TGS the sixth installment of Armored Core , however the company usually publishes its license productions in Japan itself and it is therefore unlikely that it will want to announce this new opus during the intervention. by Bandai Namco.

As for Ultimate Ninja Storm 5 , although fans of the franchise are hoping for a return to the franchise, the developers had declared some time ago that there would be no new opus. The list of candidates for the big announcement is getting thinner and while it's not officially known if it will be for Elden Ring or not, it's still very likely. We can't wait to see what Bandai Namco and FromSoftware have in store for us!

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