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Worlds 2022, first small drama on the draw

When the Worlds arrive, with the pressure and the stakes, there are also always small dramas that emerge. For the moment, we start gently with a micro-controversy concerning the draw, which would have been badly pinned by Riot Games. No man died, but still...

Twitch: Pokimane no longer really in tune with the platform?

While the streamer Pokimane has made her big comeback in streaming on the Twitch platform, it seems that the young woman is no longer really in tune with it. She explained her feelings over the past few months and we take stock of her statements with you.

Temtem: The 3 big differences with Pokémon

The comparison of Temtem with Pokémon is almost obligatory but, nevertheless, the two games have real differences which will potentially make you prefer the MMO to the Game Freak franchise.

GTA 5 Online: Gamers Angry Over Latest Update!

While console and PC players were able to welcome the latest major update to GTA Online through Criminal Enterprises, it seems that it is causing several issues that are worrying players... We take stock with you on what there is to know.

Diablo arrives at Burger King, with fries in DLC

Blizzard is increasing collaborations with fast food chains, after Korea, the Diablo Immortal burger is coming to Japan in a few days. This should also be an opportunity to get your hands on some in-game bonuses. The term "junk food" has never been more appropriate.

A crucial leak about the next season's battle pass has emerged

The Spider-Man universe will remain very close to Fortnite during the next season 4! Several dataminers have confirmed in the evening that Spider-Gwen will be one of the skins on display for the upcoming battle pass. Miles Morales will probably not be very far either!

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