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Tower of Fantasy: What will be the next banners?

Tower of Fantasy has been available for a few days and at the moment it is the Nemesis weapon that is highlighted in the first limited banner and in this article we will see the potential weapons that can replace it later .

Twitch: Amouranth is unfaithful to OnlyFans!

While the streamer Amouranth announced that she wanted to stop offering content on OnlyFans to devote herself only to Twitch, the young woman decided to go to the competition. Hard blow for OnlyFans?

Here's how many primogems you'll earn with 3.0!

The very first estimates of the number of primogems to be obtained via patch 3.0 are starting to come in! Will this update be generous for free to play players? It would be better, because the new banners are going to make us look badly.

Naruto, Genshin... The best models to create your character!

ToF's character creation menu is sharp enough to recreate familiar figures from other franchises. The icing on the cake: the game provides codes to directly implement the aspects of your choice in your game!

Kojima's next game revealed very soon?

As we celebrated 8 years of PT, what should have been Konami and Kojima's next Silent Hill, here's producer Hideo Kojima making a rather unexpected statement: we could discover his next game much sooner than expected. .. We look forward !

LoL: The most epic bug in League of Legends!!

For the past few weeks, the list of annoying bugs in League of Legends has been growing. But today, on this holiday Monday, we offer you a funny bug, which hardly interferes with the progress of the game. Here's a bit of freshness in Summoner's Rift.

Tower of Fantasy: you missed this fun easter egg!

ToF is an extremely large open world, and the developers took pleasure in hiding a few easter eggs there! The one we reveal to you today is about one of the most viral dances in history: the Gangnam Style!

Tower of Fantasy: The best trick of the moment to not lose stamina!

Tower of fantasy is just released and some players are busy finding glitches or cheats that can be useful in your adventures on planet Aida. For example, there is one that allows you to limit your stamina consumption while climbing. Find out in this news.

Tower of Fantasy: Is King a character copied from Genshin Impact?

They are both tall, charismatic, and wear nearly identical fiery red hair. King and Diluc are, so to speak, twins... except that they come from two different titles, which will also fight each other in the field of gashapon RPGs.

The first compensations following connection problems are coming

With nearly 5 million pre-registered players, ToF's release was sure to be a bumpy one. And we are thinking here particularly of the servers, which took quite a slap during the launch. The publisher has already announced compensation rewards!

Tower of Fantasy release: What banners are available?

Golden or red nucleus, temporary or permanent banner? Here's everything you need to know about the current summons and banners in Tower of Fantasy, the new gacha available on PC and mobile.

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