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Tower of Fantasy release: What banners are available?

Tower of Fantasy release: What banners are available?

Golden or red nucleus, temporary or permanent banner? Here's everything you need to know about the current summons and banners in Tower of Fantasy, the new gacha available on PC and mobile.

Tower of Fantasy release: What banners are available?

Tower of Fantasy is finally available since Thursday, August 11 at 2:00 a.m.! The opportunity for many players to discover this new free gacha on mobiles and PC. For the launch, several summon banners are available and we offer you to detail each of them.

The 3 different summon banners

In Tower of Fantasy, there are three summon banners:

  • Permanent banner : this is the main banner with a much higher chance of obtaining SSRs (rare characters). The pity is 80, i.e. after 80 summons you are guaranteed to get an SSR. Gold Nuclei are required to summon.
  • Weapon Banner : A banner with low SSR chance (0.3% chance), which mainly focuses on R and N weapons, Requires Black (purple) Nuclei to summon.
  • Temporary Banner : This is a special event banner where Red Nucleus must be used. Currently, the character Nemesis is the star of this banner.

    Good to know: when you start the game, a hidden pity of 30 summons is available on the permanent banner. After 30 wishes, you therefore necessarily obtain your first SSR. In addition, on Tower of Fantasy, the pity does not reset unlike Genshin Impact. So you can absolutely get an SSR after 10 invocations and stay at 10/80 invocations for pity.

Permanent Banner (Golden Nucleus) - Tower of Fantasy
Permanent Banner (Golden Nucleus)
Banner of Arms (Black Nucleus) - Tower of Fantasy
Banner of Arms (Black Nucleus)
Nemesis Renaissance Temporary Banner (Red Nuclei) - Tower of Fantasy
Nemesis Renaissance Temporary Banner (Red Nuclei)

Get Free Summons

Thanks to 4 million pre-registrations, Twitch Drops and launch events, you can get up to 59 Golden Nucleuses in just a few days. On the first day of the game, you can collect 21 golden summoning stones for free in-game. This can especially be useful if you want to reroll your first SSR character.

Reroll Tower of Fantasy: How to reroll your first SSR character?

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