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Tower of Fantasy: new login event with tons of rewards to win

Tower of Fantasy: new login event with tons of rewards to win

ToF is offering a new set of rewards to mark the global launch. This event, although very brief, will relieve a large number of free to play players. Don't miss it if you want to start this futuristic RPG.

The overall launch of Tower of Fantasy hasn't gone without a hitch, and the developers are doing everything they can to accommodate a still-nascent community. After fixing connection and queuing bugs, and getting tough on cheaters, Hotta Studio is back to pampering its playerbase with a new set of free rewards.

Tower of Fantasy

6 days of rewards

From August 22 to 29 , players can claim for free:

  • 5 pieces of Seabreeze gatchapon
  • 400 Dark Crystals
  • 10 Red nuclei

    To win all the gifts, just log into the game every day during this period. The manipulation is therefore very simple, and it is worth the detour if you ever plan to get into ToF seriously.

Hotta Studio knows that the end of August is going to be complex, since its great rival, Genshin Impact, risks hitting hard with its 3.0 patch and the arrival of Sumeru. Now is the perfect time to delight players with a new avalanche of connection bonuses. Will that be enough to keep gatchapon RPG fans in its fold? The next few days will tell!


There is only one requirement to take advantage of this series of gifts, but it is not stipulated directly by the promotional image. To claim your rewards, you must have completed the " Ecological Station intruders " story quest. This is also a quest that is also essential to collect the rewards of pre-registration of the game.

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