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LoL: The most epic bug in League of Legends!!

LoL: The most epic bug in League of Legends!!

For the past few weeks, the list of annoying bugs in League of Legends has been growing. But today, on this holiday Monday, we offer you a funny bug, which hardly interferes with the progress of the game. Here's a bit of freshness in Summoner's Rift.

LoL: The most epic bug in League of Legends!!

The list of annoying or even game-changing bugs has recently grown . We could talk about towers that do not inflict enough damage to the champion, the HexFlash bug, the chaos experienced by Oceanian players who played roulette hoping to find themselves in the right game mode, or even the missions of the The Star Guardian event whose advance remained hidden, but not today. Today, we put on our best costume as a fan of japanimation, we put a good shot of eurobeat in our ears and we go drifting in the Howling Abyss , without even playing Sion or Blitzcrank.

* The editor presents his confused for the obvious reference in the title of the video, but his Eurobeat culture is very limited.

What happened

The Battle Academia Caitlyn (Caitlyn of the Battle Academy) skin is a legendary skin that has a specific animation in Japanese anime mode on her ultimate Ace in the Hole . Here the player wanted to use it, but was scared off by the enemy Vex . His ultimate was therefore logically cancel , but not the animation which remained until the end of the game . Fortunately for the victim of the bug, the portrait of the Sheriff of Piltover was no longer present, so that in the end the bug turned out to be more funny than really disabling . And we must still admit that fortunately this happened in the Howling Abyss, where the fighting is permanent . Although, a fight against the Scuttler with this effect would immediately become more epic ... Or not.

League of Legends

Should this bug be fixed?

Technically, this can be embarrassing, and even potentially nauseating for the most sensitive people . However, this effect can be disabled in the options (even if we don't know if it works once the bug has appeared). But at the same time, this bug is kind of funny, so we have another idea to come up with. It would be a question of putting this effect on the Mecha Zero Sion skin , while adding as a sound effect an extract from a prestigious French group (in any case, they played at the Élysée... PS: the link is timecoded ). And of course making sure that all players in the game can benefit from it. We're willing to bet that if this idea saw the light of day, this Sion skin would suddenly sell out. After all, if it's stupid, it's essential, is n't it? It would obviously be necessary to provide the possibility of deactivating the effect for each player in the options (we are not stupid either), a bit like it is possible to activate or not the music of DJ Sona (for the members of his team ).

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