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Tower of Fantasy: The best trick of the moment to not lose stamina!

Tower of Fantasy: The best trick of the moment to not lose stamina!

Tower of fantasy is just released and some players are busy finding glitches or cheats that can be useful in your adventures on planet Aida. For example, there is one that allows you to limit your stamina consumption while climbing. Find out in this news.

Stamina is often an issue that can irritate some players, especially when it's needed to climb mountains or cliffs. In Tower of Fantasy it does, but there is a trick that can cause you to use no stamina points to reach the tops of buildings or various environments.

Endurance in Tower of Fantasy

If you're not used to games where stamina management is present, it may be a bit annoying at first when you can't run, glide or climb anymore because your gauge is empty. In Tower of Fantasy, stamina works almost the same as in The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild or even Genshin Impact.

You have a certain amount of it that you will use during combat or exploration and this can be increased by means of a powerful mushroom . You can obtain it via successes for example and thanks to this object, you are granted 50 extra stamina points.

Tower of Fantasy

A tip for climbing without using stamina?

No, you didn't read it wrong, it's indeed the tip of the day coming straight from reddit. It was posted by user Aeolian10 and it could change your life on Tower of Fantasy. Indeed, the consumption of stamina to climb is often a problem in this kind of games. One can thus fall from very high and die of his fall. At least until now since you won't have any excuses to die from a fall after discovering this.

For those interested, the trick is to perform a double jump by detaching from the mountain and then clinging to it. Thanks to this, your avatar will go up and your stamina will not decrease. On top of that, you will climb just as fast, if not faster.

Here is the manipulation to do on PC:

  • Hang on a wall
  • Press the "CTRL" key
  • Press the SPACE key twice
  • Press the W key

    Now, here is the manipulation on mobile or with a controller:

  • Hang on a wall
  • Press the jump key twice (A or B on a controller)
  • Point your stick down
  • Point your stick up to grab onto the wall again

    To make it easier, here is a video that shows you how it works on mobile.

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