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GTA 5 looks better than ever with this ultimate mod!

Since the release of the GTA 5 behemoth on PC, we have had the right to hundreds and hundreds of mods to either do totally anything with the game like pretending to be Super-Man, or to improve the graphics of this last. We have found the ultimate mod!

Twitch: Hard blow for Amouranth! She explains her accident

A hard blow for the young streamer Amouranth. A few days ago, the young woman had to deal with an unfortunate accident that took place in her famous streaming room, a room in which her jacuzzi reigned supreme. We take stock of this incident with you.

10 tips for resuming Genshin Impact with 3.0

Genshin Impact 3.0 is already shaping up to be a flagship patch for mihoyo's game. With the new region of Sumeru to explore, now is the time to pick up this RPG alone or with friends. Here are 10 very simple tips for making good progress and farming efficiently.

PVP is plagued by this horrible hack

It didn't take long for ToF to run into its first real big cheating problems in PVP. Already blunted by numerous recurring bugs, the fashionable RPG now has to deal with hackers who scour the multiplayer mode...

Is Nemesis too OP in PVP?

Nemesis is aptly named. It currently terrifies ToF's PvP mode, with no real competition. Possibility of stun, damage, sustain... Many players complain about the absolute versatility of the character who, coincidentally, is featured in the game's first "limited" banner.

Genshin Impact 3.0 Update Preload Now Live!

Genshin Impact's 3.0 update adding the Sumeru region is coming on Wednesday, but players can already pre-download the resource pack. to be able to play the new version directly when it is available.

Is Tower of Fantasy really free to play?

Tower Fantasy has been out for a few days and the eternal question of whether a game is free to play or not is already present in the minds of some players. In this article, we offer you to find out if it really is there or not.

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