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Tower of Fantasy: free rewards for a photo of your character!

Tower of Fantasy: free rewards for a photo of your character!

ToF is launching a sweepstakes like no other this month. It only requires a picture of your character and sharing on social media, but it can earn you big. Find here the dates and information of the event.

Tower of Fantasy: free rewards for a photo of your character!

Tower of Fantasy was only released very recently, but the game's communication teams are already bombarding the community with events and contests, sometimes rich in free rewards. This is de facto a fairly common process in free to play games and gatchas, and some draws sometimes stand out. This is the case with the ThisisMe event, which is an integral part of the ToF Summer Fest. This is no more and no less than a draw based on a photo of your avatar, and which ends on August 21, 2022 at 8:59 am .

What is there to gain?

This competition will determine 20 winners.

Each winner will receive 8,888 gold and an SR Relic Shard Box .

How to participate ?

ThisIsme is a contest that highlights the characters created by the players. You must bring a screenshot of your character (in game or on the character creation screen).

Then post the image of your character as a comment to this Twitter post .

Warning : you must imperatively use the #ToFSummerFest and #ToFthisisme by sending your image in the comments.

Tower of Fantasy

You can view the official contest rules here .

Stay tuned to the official Tower of Fantasy social networks if you're looking for similar contests (this one only lasts a handful of days). These are always welcome ways to try and earn extra rewards, even if they don't always pay out!

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