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Tower of Fantasy: Collect more than 60 free summons with the release of the game!

Tower of Fantasy: Collect more than 60 free summons with the release of the game!

Tower of Fantasy is live now, and for the first month of launch, you can acquire a slew of Nuclei to summon weapons. With more than 60 summons in the program, you can easily have your first SSR.

The launch of Tower of Fantasy is rich in gifts. We find exclusive costumes, but also dark crystals or nuclei used to make invocations.

Get enough to have your first SSR quickly

As you know, the first SSR is guaranteed on the thirtieth invocation. To get it, you will need gold nuclei. For its launch, Tower of Fantasy offers you a plethora of resources through different reward pages or events. Check out the list with the amount of cores that can currently be acquired below.

  • Twitch Drops: 3 Gold Cores and 1 Black Core
  • Pre-Registration Rewards: 10 Gold Cores and 10 Black Cores
  • Shoulder to Shoulder: Round 1 : 10 gold cores
  • "Pioneer" gifts : 1 gold nucleus
  • Navigation on the Starry Path: 5 gold nuclei

    Just with these events, you have almost enough to get the first SSR of your account. Of course, some events require several days to complete, such as the one entitled "Navigation on the Starry Path". In addition, there are other events that will allow you to acquire even more cores.

  • Second week of launch: Shoulder to Shoulder (Round 2) which allows you to obtain 10 red nuclei.
  • Third week of launch: The training of the Executor will allow you to obtain 2 red nuclei.
  • Fourth week of launch: The "Road of Strife" event will allow you to acquire 6 red cores.
  • Second month of launch: A connection bonus will allow you to have 3 red nuclei in addition.

Bonus gold cores thanks to compensation?

If you ever don't have enough gold nuclei, the game still offers you some following the various problems it is currently experiencing. So 10 gold nuclei are waiting for you if you ever created your account before August 17th . Of course, we haven't counted the dark crystals that we prefer to keep for now, but they are also a way to get more summons.

To conclude, here is a summary of all the cores obtained by having recovered everything.

  • Purple Nucleus : 11
  • Gold Nucleus : 39
  • Red Nucleus : 21


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