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Elden Ring: When horror invites itself into the Underworld, it looks like this!

Elden Ring: When horror invites itself into the Underworld, it looks like this!

Imagine discovering a new area of the Underworld, an endless underground passage at the end of which is a terrifying character... A modder created this horrific adventure in Elden Ring, so well done that players thought it This was a real clip from the game!

The Underworld, born from the imagination of George RR Martin and Hidetaka Miyazaki, is full of secrets. Its mysterious characters all have a mostly tragic lore and each gray area contains all kinds of unusual creatures and objects. From the barren lands of Caelid to the snow-capped peaks of Giant's Rise, exploration always holds its share of surprises for the Shatterless.

But while many rumors surround this vast lore, some remain difficult to verify. This is why some take advantage of the ambient uncertainty to pass off a mod as a real excerpt from the game . This is the brilliant idea of King Bore, who made a horror mod for Elden Ring. The latter made the rounds of the networks and many believed that the player had had access to a datamined file of the game, and thus, the rumor was launched.

Journey to the center of the Underworld

The creation of King Bore was done by modding the latest game from FromSoftware. The player is thus plunged into the depths of the Underworld, traversing a tunnel which seems to be bottomless. As the light fades, the Shinless enters a tomb, which is not uninhabited... In the center of the subterranean edifice is a huge hole, and like any good Elden Ring player, the author of the mod throws itself into it. Various mazes of tunnels lead him to an imposing statue of a bearded man, who tells him, "You're not supposed to be here" . The screen goes black and when the Shineless wakes up, the passage is blocked.

This is a not so improbable story for the Elden Ring universe, so much so that players around the world have believed in a real extract from the game. Theories around this mysterious underground place have rocketed , and a real lore began to be created. Until recently, King Bore did confirm that this is a modded version of the game, and in no way found such a place to exist in any files. datamined.

Viewers have therefore been fooled, because King Bore is in fact a regular modder on FromSoftware's video game productions. He had previously made real creepypasta on Dark Souls games, plunging players into various nightmares around the lore of the license.

Either way, this clip will have given Elden Ring players chills , and it's so immersive that we hope a similar area will be introduced soon in FromSoftware's game. Although the creatures of the Underworld are already terrifying enough, a little more creepy quests would be nice too!

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