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LoL: Worlds 2022, first small drama on the draw

LoL: Worlds 2022, first small drama on the draw

When the Worlds arrive, with the pressure and the stakes, there are also always small dramas that emerge. For the moment, we start gently with a micro-controversy concerning the draw, which would have been badly pinned by Riot Games. No man died, but still...

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The League of Legends Worlds Draw will take place right after the LCS Finals. Basically, Riot Games decided to do everything in one go so that we could define the Play-In groups, but also those of the Main Event. If we leave a large part to chance and depending on our karma we can fall into the group of life or the group of death, we must still respect two immutable instructions:

  • The rule prohibiting teams from the same region from being placed in the same group
  • The hat system (top seed)

    But during the night, the most math-savvy members of the community came across inconsistencies... Obviously, there are a multitude of potential scenarios and this remains very theoretical. But there are several cases, relatively probable, where the rules would be impossible to respect. We do not know if RIot Games had thought the question well, but it would be worth checking all this before a possible scandal .

Math is complicated...

We are not going to lie to you and on our side, mathematics is not our strong point... The subject of the problems of draws came out late last night, raised by the headcoach of Evil Geniuses that we had had the opportunity to interview during the last MSI. It was picked up this morning with explanations provided by members of the community. But in both cases, we are not sure we have managed to master all the ins and outs. It is therefore advisable to immerse yourself in the various Twitter or Reddit threads to get by with the numbers and probabilities.

To put it simply, you should know that we have ended up in an abnormal situation for these Worlds. Russia , the so-called Wildcard region, withdrew because of the war in Ukraine... the LCL was interrupted in Spring and never resumed. The slot has been allocated to Europe , which therefore has 4 representatives for this edition. The concern is that Europe is a major region and that with so many representatives, the rule of "one team per region per group", it complicates a lot of scenarios... Since China (LPL ) and South Korea (LCK) also have 4 teams! If by chance Europe manages to qualify its 4 representatives for the Main Event (2 teams start at the Play-In), we could therefore come across a bone.

Several alternative solutions have been put forward

Reddit, pqnfwoe - League of Legends
Reddit, pqnfwoe

Tashiqi , likes statistics and on Twitter he regularly shares a calculation of probabilities on League of Legends competitions. He stated on the networks 3 tracks that could be studied by Riot Games to avoid a small scandal:

  • Give the possibility of making a new draw if an impossible scenario happens
  • Not doing the Main Event draw at the same time as the Play-In draw
  • Consider the 4th European team (MAD Lions) as a wildcard region (Russia) to avoid the rule of one team per region per pool.

    A response from Riot Games is awaited and it is hoped that it will be adapted. Afterwards, there is also a world where one or more European representatives cannot survive the Play-In... which would greatly simplify the mathematics.

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