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LoL: The Rogue get their revenge, G2 sees red in the LEC finals!

The final of the League of Legends European Championship has just ended. The new champions achieved the feat of beating the two sacred monsters of the LEC, finally confirming their status as rising stars of the Old Continent scene.

Skull and Bones: Exploring the World and Customization

Ubisoft's pirate game was treated to several trailers during UbiForward in September 2022, which allows us to learn a little more about what awaits us. It seems to include a large package of guns and cosmetic options, but boarding is still missing.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: Rayman is coming as DLC

The Ubiforward was an opportunity to give news of Mario + Rabbids 2 on Nintendo Switch. During a long video, we can discover the novelties of the combat system, while the trio faces a boss, while traveling by train. Rayman also arrives in DLC.

Epic Games Store Free Games List for September 2022 - Week 2

Find the list of free games currently available for download for the month of September 2022: list updated weekly. Epic Games Store does not change its good habits with a game per week which will thicken your library a little more, every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

Claudia, the new essential character on Tower of Fantasy?

It is following the next patch 1.5 of ToF that Claudia will land on the game! Hotta Studio has confirmed the good news for good on its social networks. Will this new simulacrum be worth summoning?

The 5 best free to play games to (re)take in September

It's back to school, and the developers of game-services concoct for us like every year a farandole of big updates, even outright new chapters in their own right. It's time to dust off your free games, because they contain new features that may surprise you.

LoL: Worlds 2022 skin revealed

It's tradition, at each League of Legends World Championship, its own dedicated skin! And this year, it is the terrible emperor of the sands, Azir, who has been chosen by Riot Games!

A 1v1 game mode is coming... but not in League of Legends

You may have heard about it in the past few days, but a new game mode is coming... to Wild Rift. A special mode, probably permanent: 1v1. An addition that did not go over very well with the League of Legends community.

A new Chinese superteam under construction?

On League of Legends, superteams often leave you thinking. Theoretically, they make fans dream and salivate. But in fact, many are disappointed and some do not hesitate to speak of a curse. However, that does not prevent structures from trying again.

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