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League of Legends: What races and classes could we find in Riot's MMO on LoL?

League of Legends: What races and classes could we find in Riot's MMO on LoL?

Speculation is rife on this subject among the communities of enthusiasts of the genre, so we have theorized and thought about one of the main characteristics of each MMORPG: the races and classes that will be available to us for our character.

League of Legends: What races and classes could we find in Riot's MMO on LoL?

Although we don't even know a more or less precise date for its release yet, Riot's MMO inspired by the Runeterra universe is one of the most anticipated titles by League of Legends and World of Legends fans. Warcraft. Whether because of the trust placed in the developer or because of the people working behind it, this ambitious game will have something to talk about , at least, this decade of 2020.

As expected, several people are tearing their hair out to find out more about what could land with this MMO, so we have theorized and thought about one of the main characteristics that each title of this genre has: the races and classes that are most likely to be available to our character. From a human assassin to a tanky Yordle, these are the species and classes we think will appear in Riot Games' next big title (after Project L's permission, of course).

Probable future MMO races

Xayah and Rakan are two of the most well-known vastayas in the game. - League of Legends
Xayah and Rakan are two of the most well-known vastayas in the game.
  • Humans: The most classic of all games, basic human beings, eager to learn and fight side by side with any other creature that has the same desire for power. That yes, there will probably be divisions between Demacia and Noxius
  • Vastayas: Of very mystical origin after a clash between mortals and a race of superpowered titans, these half-human, half-animal beings would have access to a lot of common class with humans. They might have one or two unique, close-to-nature classes, with restrictions on not playing any more tech-based classes.
  • Yordles: The smallest and cutest in all of Runeterra, they will be responsible for giving the MMO a special touch with colorful characters and lots to tell, because they like to be curious. Besides access to most classes, they could have a new support class, like the equivalent of a bard. 'they are like their small and cute counterparts in other MMOs, very limited in their choice of career.
  • Void-Touched Beings: The Void is likely to be one of the main antagonists in Riot's next MMO, they are strange creatures of different shapes that roam freely through Runeterra in search of fertile life and flourishing. If it seems difficult to be able to embody a life form from the void, people who have already fought it (or who have suffered an attack from it) could be playable, while retaining some stigma. To see if Riot Games will make it a species in its own right, or will simply offer void marks as cosmetics (like tattoos).
  • Undead: The inhabitants of the Obscure Isles who have come back to life with a purpose and bringing with them unimaginable powers, as in the case of Viego or Senna and the tale of Ruin
  • Chosen: An order of intelligent anthropomorphic beings with exceptional power, native to and dedicated to the protection of Shurima. They're mentioned because Nasus and Renekton, but given how powerful they are in the lore, it seems unlikely that you could play one, as they're supposed to be much more powerful than a normal human. Afterwards it would also be possible to see a species of playable anthropomorphic cats/lions (because Rengar) but we prefer not to bet on it given the lack of precision on the lore of the Hunter.
  • Minotaurs: creatures that are difficult to play (Only Alistar exists), but which have great importance in the history of Runeterra thanks to their bravery and their warrior spirit. They are supposed to be quite numerous, and it would remind both the Taurens of WoW, and the Minotaurs of DaoC so why not.
  • Cyborgs/Technologically Altered Beings: Here we can mostly think of citizens of Piltover/Zaun. Characters modified in the manner of Camille or Mundo could be considered a species in their own right, or perhaps just a class.

Probable Riot MMO Classes

There are so many possibilities that we preferred to limit ourselves to the archetypes already present in LoL. Note that some common MMO classes may appear (after all Leona, Diana and Illaoi are priestesses in a way), but as this is not a LoL archetype we have not mentioned it. With over 160 champions , almost every class known to MMOs has been represented at one point or another, and to pick just a few would be more of a top class the writer wants to see in the MMO, than a objective analysis.

The Sinister Assassin could appear in Riot's MMO - League of Legends
The Sinister Assassin could appear in Riot's MMO
  • Assassins: Characters who will deal massive damage quickly but struggle to maintain consistent sustained dps. They prefer to hide in the shadows to attack or to flee a disastrous situation.
  • Fighters: Beings who are strong but who are also able to withstand heavy attacks. They don't have the explosiveness of an assassin, or the sustained damage of a shooter, but they would make up for it with some nice control abilities, or even the ability to tank while sacrificing damage.
  • Mages: Characters who abuse ranged magic, with a series of spells and abilities that are extremely effective for ranged combat, as well as less brutal but more utilitarian specializations. They could also have a more melee and mobility focused build to remind of LoL's AP assassins, unless the latter is already a specialization for assassins.
  • Supports: An archetype grouping together those who keep the group alive through healing, but who can also increase the power of their comrades through specific spells or control opponents from a distance. There is room for a lot of specializations and it would not be surprising to see them finally divided into several classes
  • Snipers: Deadly at long range, they represent the ranged dps archetypes. We can imagine "turret" specializations, that is to say that they hit from very far with little mobility, specializations with less range but more mobility, or even a last one more based on traps and posing debuffs which would be a mix between the two.
  • Tanks: unlike fighters, they will be there above all to take hits. We can imagine a specialization more oriented towards damage and lifesteal/regeneration (like Mundo), a specialization to absorb damage thanks to resistance buffs/shields (Ornn/Leona) but which would require using the latter at the right time (to nullify an enemy's burst) and a more classic specialization, where the tank would be just a big block of stats that would take less most of the time, but would have a harder time recovering from an explosive burst .
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